Your Ultimate Guide To Men’s Rings
July 29, 2021

Men’s Rings: What You Need To Know

Rings are not just objects of adornment. Wearing a ring has a lot more significance than a mere piece of jewelry. From medieval times to the present day, rings hold significance like none other. Today, giving consent, agreeing to a contract and bond are solidified by signing documents. In medieval times men of word wore rings. The word of mouth and a seal ring was enough to finalize agreements. Men’s rings had a lot of value.

Rings were believed to be a sign of prosperity and influence. In ancient times, only rich and influential men wore rings. Today, no such distinction exists.

Times have changed but the ring still holds an important position. Rings are the only piece of jewelry that men of all cultures, races, and colors wear comfortably. It is the only piece of jewelry that both men and women wear with the same zeal and zest.Men’s rings

The Significance of Rings for Men

Rings are so much more than a mere trinket. They are usually worn as a style statement but they also carry a symbolic value.

Rings are worn for bringing out the oomph factor to your styling. Unlike women, men have limited chances of accessorizing their outfits. A well-coordinated ring could help you stand out in the crowd. These types of rings are usually referred to as dress rings. It is the perfect choice for fashion-conscious and enthusiast men.

Other than fashion sake, the other most popular reason for wearing rings is to signify commitment. Married and engaged men wear rings to signify their relationship status. Each stage of the relationship is signified by a different ring. The journey goes from promise ring to engagement ring and finally to the wedding band.

In certain cultures, men wear rings to symbolize their wealth. Only a man of good fortune can afford to wear a precious gemstone and a ring. Hence, the ring also becomes a sign of privilege.

There are plenty of men who wear rings for the gemstones. A large fraction of the population believes in gemstones and crystals. Such people wear rings to benefit from the health and wellbeing benefits of gemstones.

These are a few of the many reasons for the popularity of men’s rings.

The Selection of the Right Finger for Ring Wearing Men

The right hand for wearing rings has been a source of debate for years now. There are no hard and fast rules regarding which hand is better for wearing rings. However, the rule of thumb is to wear the ring in your dominant hand. We advise right-handed individuals to wear rings in their right hands and versa for the left-handed. Wearing a ring in the dominant hand makes it stand out.

The next question is about the right finger for wearing rings. Again there are no hard and fast rules yet each finger holds a symbolic value.

1. Thumb

Wearing rings on the thumb is becoming increasingly popular. According to popular medieval traditions, wearing a ring on the thumb symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and influence. It is primarily because you wear big and chunky rings on your thumb.

In case, a man wears a lot of rings, wearing a ring on the thumb makes the hand look less crowded.

2. Index Finger

The index finger is the most frequently used and the most popular finger of the hand. Ancient traditions prove that this was the most common finger for wearing rings. Choosing to wear a ring on the index finger makes it more noticeable. Since medieval times, a ring on the index finger symbolizes authority and influence.

3. Middle Finger

The largest finger of the hand and the most uncommon one when it comes to rings. It is infrequent to wear rings on the middle finger. There is no classical theory to it except that it may cause hindrance in work. This is why those who wear rings on middle fingers tend to opt for dainty styles.

4. Ring Finger

Popularly referred to as the ring finger, the fourth finger of the hand is most commonly used for wearing rings. The rings on this finger symbolize commitment. Wedding bands and engagement rings are both worn on this finger of either hand.

5. Pinky Finger

The pinky is becoming an increasingly popular choice for wearing rings for men. This is primarily because rings worn on pinky fingers ……….stand out. During ancient times, this finger was used to wear seals and signet rings.

The Difference between Men’s Rings and Women’s Rings

Women’s rings are intricately designed and studded with gemstones. However, the rings for men are simpler. When it comes to rings for men, less is more. A simple design with subtle variations and a studded gemstone makes the best choice for men. It is enough to make you stand out. It also gives off a very classy look without over-exaggeration. Despite being simpler, more craftsmanship goes into the rings meant for men.

Selecting the Right Ring for Men

Men’s rings

A lot of thought goes into picking the right ring for men. This is primarily because a ring has the potential to make or break the look for men. Hence, there is a great emphasis on quality when it comes to men’s rings. The ring can play a major role in translating your style. Following are the rules one ought to follow when it comes to rings for men

The Ultimate Ring Wearing Rules

The base metal and the gemstone color must not clash in appearance.

It is essential to wear a well-fitted ring. A ring that is too tight or too loose tends to look awful.

Match the base metal of the ring to your skin tone so that both complement each other. Choosing a base metal that does not look harmonious to your skin tone can create a distasteful look.

The base metal of other rings on your finger must also complement each other. In other cases, your visual appeal will suffer a great deal.

The key is to keep it simple. Wearing too many disproportionate and mismatching rings can be counterproductive. Pick one or two simple designs and work around them.

It is important to make sure that your ring harmonizes the other accessories primarily your cufflinks and watch.

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