What You Need to Know About Halo Rings
July 29, 2021

Everything About Halo

The term halo means a ring of light around an object. It primarily refers to the phenomenon of light where a ring of colored or white light is seen encircling the solar and lunar bodies. Halo is also called an aureole. The concept of a halo rings arises from the term halo. A halo ring has a collection of small gemstones or diamonds encircling a central diamond or a gemstone.

In halo rings, the small accent stones tend to create a kind of halo around the central gemstone. The encirclement draws attention towards the central stone. It also draws the gaze of spectators towards the ring. The idea of halo increases the appeal of the central gemstone or diamond.

A halo ring can be of various kinds. The shape of both central and encircling shape can vary a great deal. The encirclement of the central gemstone increases its appeal and generally tends to make it appear larger than its actual size. This not only makes the ring appear larger but also makes it appear more versatile and expensive.

A halo ring is not a new concept. The concept of halo rings has been around for over a century now. Like all other vintage designs, halo rings are also gaining popularity now. The halo rings gained more popularity than ever when the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton received a halo ring on her engagement. The demand for Halo rings has only multiplied since then.

The Ideal Halo Ring

A Halo ring is a statement ring. It is an increasingly popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. The best part about halo rings is that they can be customized based on personal preferences.

There is no such thing as the perfect halo ring. The definition of perfect varies. What might be perfect for one individual might not be so perfect for the other. This is why the ideal ring is the one that you like the best.

Halo rings tend to come in a variety of combinations.  The choice of central diamond varies. Based on personal preference, one could choose a round, oval, princess, or cushion cut center diamond. If one is feeling rather adventurous with the design, they could choose an unusual shape. Furthermore, a double halo band instead of a single one could be a great way of adding more accents to your ring. One could also choose to change the color of the band. Another way could be studding the band of the halo ring.

These are some of the ways of achieving that desired and ideal halo ring for yourself and your loved ones.


Halo rings are the perfect blend of extravagant yet affordable. A large central diamond is quite expensive. The smaller encircling diamonds are comparatively a lot less pricey. The encircling diamonds make the central diamond appear almost half a carat larger. This tends to increase visual appeal without increasing the price of the ring.  Choosing a non-halo ring of similar dimensions could exponentially raise the cost of the ring.

The halo rings have an incredible visual appeal. The halo effect imparts them an extremely beautiful and radiant look. This is why everyone is drawn to halo rings.

Halo rings though just as beautiful yet is a lot less expensive than the Solitaire rings. This makes Halo rings a budget-friendly option.

Non-halo rings tend to be a tad bit boring. In case, the central and smaller accent gemstones are variable colors together they create a beautiful contrast. The idea of a halo ring allows you to play around with various colors and cuts.

Is Halo out of fashion?

The Halo Rings have been quite a thing for over a decade now. One might assume that like all other fashion trends this might go out of vogue soon. However, the trend of halo rings is here to stay. The halo rings are presently the most sought-after ring design. This is especially the case for engagement rings. There are a plethora of reasons why Halo Rings will be here for a long time.

The design of halo rings is engrained in the industry. Hollywood stars and popular influencers have endorsed halo rings by sporting them on various occasions. This is why the general audience cannot get enough of halo rings.

The design of halo rings is under constant variations. Furthermore, it can also be customized. Resultantly there are plenty of designs and colors of halo rings. The halo rings are a perfect amalgamation of vintage and contemporary designs. This only makes halo rings timeless and versatile.

Women tend to love the sparkle of gemstones. The halo ring creates a beautiful sparkle. No rings shine as bright as the halo rings. This is why halo rings are favorite accessories for women.

There is no such thing as too many gemstones. All women love an excess of gemstones. Thus, halo rings beautifully amalgamate many gemstones in a single design. No other design and style of rings allow incorporating as much impact and drama as halo rings. This is why halo rings are always in vogue.

The Halo Rings for You

Are you looking for chic yet unique halo rings? Do you want a stunning halo ring but don’t want to worry about the price tag? JK Jewellery Company has some good news to offer.

The Halo rings by JK Jewellery Company are truly versatile. They carry a touch of modernism with the same vintage design. These halo rings can be the perfect engagement rings.

1. 4 CT Create Emerald and 1/4 CT Moissanite Ring In Silver for Less

This is the perfect halo ring with an option of the light green or dark green central stone. It has a 925 sterling silver band and base. It is perfect for those who want something unique at a spectacular price.

2. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 1/4 CT Diamond and 4 CT Create Emerald Ring

It comes with an option to pick your gold base. The central stone is also customizable in two shades of green. The diamond and emerald complement one another. The price is also light on the pocket.

3. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 1/6 CT Diamond and 1CT Moissanite Ring

A halo ring with natural diamond and a moissanite halo. The base metal is 925 sterling silver. The color can be customized. There is a choice of white, 10K rose gold-plated, or 10K yellow gold-plated.