Wearing Your Engagement Ring the Right Way
July 27, 2021

Engagement itself literary means a formal agreement to marry someone

The rules for wearing the engagement ring appear to be simple and factual. By rule, one must wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. This rule applies when you have to wear the engagement ring. However, after marriage, the rule is to wear the engagement ring just above the marriage ring on the fourth finger of the same left hand. For more information and guidance about the engagement rings, designs and ideas, visit here

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The True Meaning of The Engagement Ring

The definition and meaning of the engagement ring vary concerning the language. In English, the meaning of the engagement ring is referred to as the event of BETROTHAL. However, in Spanish, we call engagement is called COMPROMISO. In Latin, it is SPONSUM, whereas Hindi calls it SAGAI. It means to have a formal agreement with the person one is marrying.

The ring in the engagement symbolizes the commitment and the promises the couple makes whilst making engaging their lives into a relationship. They later call the couple husband and wife. Before handing over or exchanging the rings between each other there is a marriage proposal. This rings as an agreement that leads the couple or partners towards marriage soon.

In Which Hand Does Engagement Ring Go On?

The exact position and placement of the engagement ring differ greatly with respect to the location you are in. This is the reason hence, there is no hard and fast rule about the rule said above. However, the position of the ring is a relative concept.

Talking about the geographical location on the planet Earth. If a person is living in the Americas or most of Europe, he or she will be wearing the engagement ring in the left hand. However, the position changes utterly if a person belongs to Asia, India, Spain, Peru, Denmark, Norway, etc. The person will eventually wear the ring in the right hand.

In What Finger the Engagement Ring Goes On?

It doesn’t matter which hand. It doesn’t. However, what matters most is the finger. It means that whether you wear the ring in the right hand or the left hand, the finger in which you put on the ring is the same all across the globe. The majority of the countries and cultures accept the fact that it is the fourth finger of either hand which is also famous as the ring finger.

The fourth finger is the one that is just next to the little finger of your hand. It is a firm global belief that the ring finger or the fourth finger is connected directly with the vein that connects to the heart. This belief was developed way before the proper knowledge of the blood circulatory system was established. Therefore, the vein that runs through that finger is better famous as VENA AMORIS or better be VEIN OF LOVE.

What Hand Does Engagement Ring Go Right After Marriage?

The final verdict is unsure about this question. It is because we have already discussed and labeled this matter as cultural and geographical. This is not just for the engagement ring only. However, the same fact is true for the engagement ring right after the marriage. Different cultures and traditions approach this event differently.

Nonetheless, the most accepted tradition across the globe is the practice of wearing the wedding ring of the fourth finger of the left hand. Moreover, putting the engagement ring just above the same finger of the same hand. Which means the engagement ring on the top of the wedding ring.

By following the exact right tradition, the groom eventually in the ceremony has to remove the ring of the bride to the right hand and then places the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. By following this rule, thereby, the bride, after the marriage ceremony ends, she again places here engagement ring of the fourth finger of the left hand on the top of the wedding finger.

Common Traditions

With the passage of time and the increasing plurality and engagement amongst the different traditions across the globe, there is an amalgamation of practices and beliefs about an engagement ring. Regardless of the varying tradition, the single rule that remains the same is that the engagement ring must wear on top of the wedding ring.

However, in many other cases, we have seen women welding both rings together to form them into one ring and thereby wearing them on. But most of the people don’t make such changes as they both ring as separate. They eventually wear their wedding ring on the left hand and engagement ring on the right hand.

Furthermore, in many cases, people or couples like to wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring on the same hand even during their marriage ceremony. This tradition nevertheless is now very limited and rare. However, in many cases, people now only wear their wedding ring during the marriage ceremony.

Can Men Also Wear Engagement Rings?

Of course, they can. However traditionally or generally, men don’t like to wear their engagement rings. This is most common when it comes to western cultures. However, the practice is not unheard of. You can realize the fact by the example that a famous singer Ed Sheeran wore a silver band on his left finger whilst he was engaging with his current wife Cherry Seaborn. When someone asked about his ring. He replied with the statement that he never saw why men don’t wear an engagement ring. It is the same commitment either way. This is not just one case. However, we have many examples of celebrities like Skyler Astin, professional wrestler David Otunga, and Michael Buble. All of these men were spotted wearing their engagement rings and showing their dedication and commitment to the relationship or marriage.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your wedding jewelry symbolizes your commitment to your love and your partner. However, it doesn’t matter where you wear it. All that is your choice where you want to wear it. But if you feel interested more in learning marriage and engagement rings, we have some jewelry specialists who will guide you in the best way possible through live chat here