Ultimate Guide to Women’s Wedding Rings
July 31, 2021

The Women’s Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are of immense importance in every individual’s life. The importance is generally more for a woman. Women have an obsession with jewelry and spend a great chunk of their life dreaming about their wedding rings. Wedding rings are also important considering that one has to wear them at all times. A boring and unaesthetic wedding ring can be a source of distress. Thus, wedding rings have to be carefully picked out.

However, most individuals are clueless about the wedding ring. Mostly because individuals are unaware of how to select the perfect wedding rings. Here is a guide to help you maneuver the tricky decision.

Wedding Rings

Why is a Wedding Ring important?

A wedding ring is of immense importance. It is not a new concept. The idea of wedding rings has been there for centuries. Why is this important tradition and custom in all societies and cultures?

A wedding ring signifies and symbolizes so much more than your relationship status.

It is a sheer symbol of your undying commitment to your spouse. It is a declaration of the vows you take in private and public. Your wedding ring symbolizes your love and respect for your spouse. It also acts as a shield of protection from unwanted attention and negative entities.

This is why wedding rings are extremely important.

Are wedding rings and wedding bands two different things?

Often wedding rings and wedding bands are confused to be two different things. However, they are the same thing. The terms can be used interchangeably. The wedding rings or the wedding bands are the pieces of jewelry a bride and groom exchange at their wedding. Despite being called two different names, they are the same thing.

The Steps of Choosing a Wedding Ring

Although wedding rings are extremely small yet a great deal of thought process is involved in choosing one. A wedding ring is also a companion for a lifetime. It often forms an heirloom piece hence the immense importance of a wedding ring.

The wedding ring selection is a tedious process. Plenty of small steps lead to the final product. There are plenty of steps involved in finalizing one. The steps of choosing a wedding ring are as follows.

1. Selecting a base metal

Choosing a base metal is the ideal place to start your quest for a wedding ring.

The choice of base metal usually involves precious metals. These include yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and titanium.

Yellow gold is the traditional choice for wedding rings. 22k gold is too soft to be worn on an everyday basis. Thus prefer 18k, 14k, or 10k gold for everyday use. Presently, 18K gold is a popular choice. It comes in yellow, white, and rose gold shades.

White Gold is becoming popular. It is essentially gold coated with a layer of rhodium to conceal the yellow tinge of gold. However, this coating wears off over time. It requires frequent replating.

Platinum and Titanium are increasingly popular choices for modern couples. These are scratch-resistant and can be fir for everyday use. However, these rings happen to be too heftily priced. Palladium is another popular choice yet it is budget-friendly.

2. Width of the metal

The width of the ring should complement the hand of the lady. However, wedding rings ought to be in the range of 2-4 mm. This imparts them a feminine look. It is also incredibly easy to work with a ring that is not excessively wide.

3. Size of the ring

The size of the ring has to be following the size of the finger. However, wedding rings require to be worn on an everyday basis. Hence it is important to b a snug fit. A wedding ring needs to be a comfortable fit. If it is too tight or too loose, it can be a hassle.

4. Ring Profile

The ring profile refers to the shape of the metal band. There are many shapes to choose from. Court, D-shape, halo, flat and concave are some of the styles to choose from.

5. Gemstones

The gemstones used in a wedding ring are highly customizable although diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are usually preferred. Although it is entirely up to the one who has to wear it.

6. Style

The band is the most confusing aspect of the ring. The various styles to choose from can get confusing.

Simple Band Style

These are simple, circular, and symmetrical bands. These are usually worn in conjunction with the engagement ring. They can be worn without the engagement ring too. These bands are perfect for those who believe less is more.

Shadow Band Style

These rings are shaped to complement the shape of the engagement ring. These can be simple or studded depending on personal preferences.

Eternity Band Style

Eternity band-style rings are also known as eternity rings or infinity bands. These are thought to be a sign of eternal love. These bands are through and through studded with gemstones or patterns.

Half Eternity Band Style

As the name suggests, only half the band is studded or patterned. The other half is often plain. It is also known as the anniversary band.

Pave Band Style

The gemstones mostly diamonds are cut and encrusted in the band. This is an excellent choice for those who love sparkly jewelry.

Our Favorite Wedding Ring Options

These rings by JK Jewellery Company are some of our favorite designs to choose from. These options are not only worthwhile but form excellent choices as wedding bands.

1. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 8-8.5mm Freshwater Pearl 0.162 CT Diamond Fashion Ring

It is the perfect wedding ring. It is available in gold with freshwater pearl and 0.162 CT diamonds. Perfect for those who want something not too boring and simple.

2. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 1/4 CT Diamond and 4 CT Create Emerald Ring

Wedding Rings

Looking for a pop of color in your wedding ring? This ring would be the perfect option for you. A pop of green through the large 4CT Emerald in the middle and 1/4 CT diamonds. This ring will make your woman ecstatic.

3. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 0.98 CT Diamond Fashion Ring

Wedding Rings

This is the infinity ring of your dreams. A gold band with encrusted diamonds is perfect for those who want sparkle and bling.

4. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 0.216 CT TW Diamond and 0.80CT Moissanite Fashion Ring

Anniversary type ring with gold as the base metal and studded diamonds. Perfect for those looking for sparkle but under the budget.