Top 10 Diamond Jewellery Wholesale Selling Stores
June 26, 2021

Finding the diamond jewellery wholesale supplier proves to be a difficult task

The following article intends to look at and discuss the top diamond jewellery wholesale suppliers from across the world. However, finding a reliable source appears to be a gigantic task. Though you may get recommendations from many people about various websites and sources.

Nevertheless, finding the cheapest source whether in the domestic or international territory is hard to talk about. For this reason, hence we have come up with the 10 best wholesale diamond jewellery suppliers. In our quest to make this list of suppliers, we tend to look at the rate and designs and the production history. We have also focused in detail on the customer reviews, the inventory management system, level of customer service, and their unique selling points. Read more here

diamond jewellery wholesale


Zenzii makes its way as our first and foremost selected diamond jewellery wholesale supplier. The Zenzii store deals in wholesale and proves to be equally successful in catering to the retailers. Hence, with this, one can purchase jewellery from them in any quantity of the choice. the collection of this store goes exactly well with their official motto. It says, “Be Bold-Live in Bright Color”. The jewellery of Zenzii promises bright and unique designs. It is because the jewellery pieces that Zenzii produces are very hard to find somewhere else. The plus point is that many of the items are cost-effective. Also, most of the designs lie in 2-to-3-digit cash even for the retail stores.

Wholesale Accessory Market

As its name suggests, the wholesale accessory market is a whole market not just for the diamond jewellery wholesale but for many other accessories too. The jewellery here includes many items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, anklets, etc. The store also sells items like handbags, purses, towels, etc. It moreover is full of items related to daily lifestyle including kitchen and bathroom accessories. Though this store appears not to be solely related to the jewellery items, the quality and variety they are selling are enough to compete worldwide.

Panda Hall/Panda Whole

Panda Hall and Panda Whole are the two separate websites for the same parent company. The company deals with the small order quantity while Panda Whole deals in wholesale bulk quantity. So, what is best in them? The most significant thing that makes these stores outstanding is that they deal exclusively in jewellery. The company first appeared in 2003 and is registered with Trust Piolet. With this, their reviews, eventually are independent. Another significant thing about Panda Hall is their fast-shipping policy for three days delivery.


Allurez is a US-based company. It deals in designing, manufacturing, vendor, and distributing jewelry. The company was launched in the year 2010. Since then, Allurez has stood amongst the leading manufacturer and vendors of wholesale jewellery across the globe. The most outstanding and significant advantage of Allurez is its wedding and engagement jewellery and ring designs. Not only this, but they also offer you jewellery storage solution as boxes and safe deposits. They are one of the favorites in the world because of their streamlined working process with drop shipping to customer facility too.


Alibaba, who doesn’t know about this? Even if you are new to this name. Don’t worry! Alibaba is here for the last 19 years in wholesale business supplies. So, they are here to stay and so are trusted also. Alibaba is more like DHGate, eBay, and Amazon. Here, at Alibaba, you would have access to all the retailers of different sizes and categories. They have a wide range of stuff available for you.

For diamond jewellery wholesale variety, finding the best vendor here is not hard. Amongst so many suppliers, Alibaba does you a favor of tracking the record of each retailer so that you may access the best one.


DHGate, a 14 years old established company, based in China, is a wholesale supplier platform. What is best here is that they act as a mediator between small and large buyers and sellers. This eventually appears to be an amazing platform for businesses. DHGate as the name suggests is a gateway for wholesale jewellery suppliers with their vast variety. Also, the price point here is very low which attracts the customer. However, this may not be an exact platform for you if you are looking for a specialized platform for jewellery.

Factory Direct

Factory Direct is a family old business, established in the year, 1985. It is the third generation running the business. It is based in Los Angeles, USA. With their history together, they now own 100 plus years of experience in jewellery business. They however are offering people very high quality and valuable pieces of jewellery. Solid gold jewellery engraved with precious stone and ornaments is what they deal with. This platform hence is the perfects place if you want to extend your business with ease.

GnD Atlanta

GnD Atlanta, established in the year 1995, is a Gold n Diamond business in Atlanta, Georgia. With its vast and finest quality of jewellery they are the successful supplier of jewellery across the globe. Thousands of engagement rings and wedding sets lie in their inventory. Most of their jewellery carry 10K, 14K and 18K quality. The secret to their success is that they not only grow alone but also like to helps their sellers and retailer to a greater extent.

ASU Jewelry

The next platform that we have chosen is the ASU diamond jewellery, wholesale supplier. It is Chinese brand started their business solely for jewelry. However, they have now extended their business in sunglasses and clothing variety too. They are specialized in costume jewelry. With you only one account you can have the whole range of jewelry.

Nihao Jewelry

Last but not least is the Nihao Jewelry wholesale business. As a Chinese brand, it offers no minimum quantity order restrictions. Therefore, whether you have a small- or large-scale business, Nihao got you covered in every way possible. Nevertheless, for those extending their business to a larger scale, Nihao offers white labeling, which asks for a minimum quantity but at a special discount. Their inventory is so large that they are offering 150 thousand product listings.

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