10 Tips for Wearing Jewelry
April 26, 2021

How to Wear Jewelry: 10 Practical Tips

“Girls’ best friends are diamonds!” Undoubtedly, it is the jewelry that helps to complement the image so that every detail of the ensemble looks appropriate and harmonious. You need to be able to wear jewelry: choose according to the type and color type of appearance, combine correctly with each other and find a single correct solution for a certain image. Looking like a Christmas tree, a shiny magpie, or an introverted nun is not the norm. After all, bad taste repels and causes general bewilderment.

1. Remember one simple rule: either jewelry or bijouterie! You cannot wear precious metals and jewelry at the same time, even if the latter belongs to the elite class. This is the first sign that the girl is completely lacking in taste and sense of style.

2. Do not combine jewelry made of different metals in one look. Want to wear gold earrings today? Then pair them with gold jewelry. Moreover, it is important to pay attention to the color of gold. Combine yellow with yellow, red with red, white with white. If one of the pieces of jewelry combines several types of precious metal, then the second piece of jewelry can repeat one of the combined colors.

3. Having given preference to jewelry, try to choose all the products in the same style and the same color scheme. For example, a genuine leather bracelet should not be combined with massive rocker chains. To make the jewelry look harmonious with the elements of clothing, it is desirable to have some common features or similar colors.

4. Gems are a separate and very important point. Since all stones can be divided into semi-precious and precious, therefore, the combination of stones from different categories in one ensemble does not look particularly appropriate and correct. It is necessary to pay attention to the compatibility of the stones themselves. If, for example, a diamond jewelry piece is supplemented with a second element in which an emerald, garnet, turquoise or even cubic zirconia is inlaid, then the stone will lose its sophistication and sophistication. All the “depth” and value of a precious stone will be maintained if it is combined with other (say, smaller) diamonds or supplemented with a piece of jewelry made of precious metal without stones.

5. An invariable rule: the combination of a necklace and a brooch is taboo at all times and for all ages! It’s tasteless, ridiculous and even ugly.

6. Do not forget about the “three ornaments” rule. This suggests that more than three different decorations are not used for one look. Acceptable combinations may look as follows: earrings – necklace – bracelet, earrings – bracelet – ring, brooch – earrings – watch, etc.

7. In continuation of the previous rule: the use of three ornaments “at the face” at once is considered an unacceptable option. It looks too catchy and ugly. Accordingly, an option is allowed: two jewelry near the face and one on the hands.

8. Jewelry (regardless of whether jewelry or bijouterie) must correspond to the age of the fair sex.

9. Do not forget about the format of the event where you are going. Accessories will not be appropriate everywhere. And, conversely, there are situations when you cannot do without them.

10. Designer things should be separate! They do not need to be supplemented with anything.