The Rise of Gemstone Rings for Special Occasions
August 23, 2021

Gemstone Rings: Choose the gemstone that carries a high level of hardness 

The gemstone rings have always remained an obsession for humans because of their everlasting beauty and attraction. We have witnessed people getting enthusiastic about gemstones for generations. It all happens because of the characteristics of gemstones to be eternal in life and everlasting lovely. Diamond is the only gemstone amongst the rest, that appears crystal clear and has sparkling effects.

The criteria to measure the quality of the gemstone makes the diamond standout amongst the rest as perfect. It provides a diamond with a 10/10 rating on the MOHS scale. MOHS measures the overall hardness of the gemstone. This highest level of quality and durability makes a diamond ogemstone ringsne of the most precious gemstones in the world. Hence, making diamonds not only versatile and gorgeous but also long-lasting stone. Read more about gemstones here


What Other Than Diamonds?

One of the most precious gemstones rings other than diamonds is the blue sapphire. The stone thereby is famous for its wide use for engagement rings. However, in engagement rings, the use of sapphire is usually happening as a side stone.

We can also make use of these blue sapphire for halo embellishments or even as a center stone as well. Nonetheless, in a recent rising trend, we tend to see a rising pattern of using the blue sapphire as 3-stone featured engagement style rings. Another attractive way is to design the ring with two sapphire rings sideways.

Why Gemstones Over Diamonds?

Regarding the questions about gemstone rings, the most pertinent that comes to our minds is why gemstone must be the priority over a diamond. To answer this question, we must know that gemstones existed as long as diamonds.

However, their importance amongst the millennials was never so important as it is now. Back then people were always praising and yearning for diamonds. To know the reason, for their popularity, well there is not one. The most prominent of them is the variation of colors amongst the gemstone. These varying colors eventually describe one’s personality.

The representation of personality by colors is more prominent because colors represent deeper meanings. Hence, if someone is looking for engagement rings of one’s favorite colors or the color means something to them, the gemstones are the final decision.

By this, we can infer that some engagement rings represent a deeper meaning. Let us take the example of a sapphire ring. The sapphire ring captures deeper meaning with its hidden accents on the internal shanks of the stone. The best example of such ring is princes cut rings that contain halo notes along with marquise sapphire accents. Such a ring is wonderful if it represents the meaning of “I love you” in more than one way. Some of these sapphire rings are even available in gold love inner shank.

What to Look for When Choosing the Gemstone Rings?

It is not only the blue sapphire rings, amongst the famous gemstone rings that you can customize. There are many other stones that one can customize as per the venue and desire. The customizable stone is thus used for many purposes and designs including side stones, center stones, and under gallery designs. However, problems arise when we are up to choose a color. The choice of color appears to be a smarter choice. Because the color in gemstone matters a lot. The color doesn’t matter only when your choice of favorite color changes quite often.

The next thing that matters most in gemstone rings is the hardness of gemstones. Hardness matters because it represents the life of the gemstone. By this, it means that u might have heard people saying that this stone will last for the rest of your life. the increase of hardness means the increase in durability of the gemstone. However, one problem of wearing the gemstone constantly is a lot of wear and tear. The person has to keep the ring go through all this unscathed.

Hence, every gemstone is not the one that embellishes and makes the center of attraction. A better example of this feature is that a pearl that holds the hardness of 2.5 to 4.5 and an opal stone that holds the hardness of 6 is the successful equivalents of a diamond. both of these stones with said hardness are more beautiful than diamonds and therefore are more famous.

How To Protect Gemstone Rings?

With mentioned comparison about beauty and attractiveness, there eventually are some features that make these stones weaker than diamonds. Diamonds as known are the strongest existing material. Nonetheless, these gemstones are so soft that they are prone to get scuffed, chipped, scratched as well as cracking. Consequently, requiring an extra bit of care and protection. Moreover, the repairing cost of these stones is considerably higher and unforeseen than any other emeralds. Hence, an experienced jeweler knows how to set up such stones in a ring to protect them from such damage and unfortunate shocks. The best example of setting these gems is to set up in channel settings using a gold frame.

By using the expert methods, the manufacturer, as well as the user, can save these stones, thereby adding the additional personalization of color and beauty. Such mechanisms are much safer for the gemstone which are softer and fragile. However, it doesn’t matter how well experienced and protective you are, using the gemstone rings with stones carrying the hardness lesser than the prescribed poses a greater risk. For this reason, it is a recommendation to use gemstones that carry a hardness level of more than 7. We also recommend our customers explore and choose stones that are tougher and more resilient.

Significance Of Color in Gemstones

It is about the colors of gemstone rings; sapphire stands out amongst the rest even to that of diamonds. It is because the blue color of the sapphire exists as the most popular stone in the US. In addition to that of color, this gemstone carries a hardness of 9, making it a stronger and robust gemstone. Last but not least, is that the blue color carries the charm of, “something blue in life”, for married couples.

Final Thoughts

The list that we have discussed may force you to think of a limited one. Because not all stones are good for engagement rings. Instead, we recommend you to think of one that is attractive as well as stronger.

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