Stud earrings vs necklace: Which is the best to wear?
September 23, 2021

Stud earrings
Do you want to stay on top of 2021 trends in stud earrings and necklaces, understand which ones have the most to do with you and know which model to bet on this year? Check out this list of suggestions!

Accessories are objects with an incredible ability to change any look and make any composition much more stylish. Just like any other piece, earrings and necklaces can make you look more modern, casual, and elegant or even help you to express yourself better through fashion.

Earrings trend for 2021

A timeless classic, the stud earrings are still on the rise and have different versions for every taste. From small and medium rings, simpler and more delicate or crafted with a more chic and elegant look, to giant, plain rings made of chain, pearls or with pendants for those looking for a more relaxed look, the options are limitless.

Maxi earrings

Like hoops, maxi earrings are also a very versatile trend and can come in funnier and more colorful models, more glamorous and shiny or sophisticated with just a pebble at the end.

Fun earrings

And speaking of fun, earrings have increasingly conquered the hearts of the guys who enjoy being in fashion. Whether they are big or very small, they all have one thing in common: creativity. The more creative, the more fun the rule!

Delicate earrings

If you’re from the team that prefers more delicate and discreet accessories don’t worry that the 2021 trend has perfect options for you! Delicate stud earrings are also on the rise and can appear like a pebble in the ear or like a delicate pendant. What’s your favorite?

Chains and stud earrings

Currents come and go and in 2021 they come back as a super trend! We already mentioned above that they even appear to enhance the earrings. And with necklaces, of course, it couldn’t be different. They can be thin or even gigantic, which are perfect to go with more minimalist clothes.

Bead necklaces

With a strong inspiration in the late 90s and early 2000s, beads made a comeback. And those who think that bead necklaces are only for children and teenagers are wrong. There are options with that nostalgic face with letters forming words, colored or monochromatic models, with a more adult air, perfect for those who want to venture into this trend.

Trend mix of stud earrings

The trend of mixing different stud earrings at once has been around for some time and in 2021 it is still on the rise. Combining two or more different types of beads, two or more types of chains and even mixing beads and chains are hits of the season.

But the trend that has been growing and could become the big news is the mix of earrings! That’s right. Wearing a different earring on each side of the ear, making more holes or using pressure earrings or fake piercings to compose a mix is ​​a big bet for this year.

Did you like it? Have you adopted any of these trends? I bet you felt like running now and securing your earring or necklace to go into fashion!

Eventually, some kind of accessory makes the main fashion runways and falls in the favor of celebrities on red carpets, television series and cinematographic films, as happened with the ear cuff.

Ear Cuff: Earring of the Moment

Afterwards, brands from all over the world started to produce their versions and the creation became a fever among consumers. By the time stud earrings started to appear, we knew it would be like that. For sure, these semi-jewels are timeless, powerful and capable of determining a successful look. Learn more about them and how to use them:

Ear Cuff: Earring of the Moment

Stud earrings 2021

It is likely that there is no consensus around creating this accessory. Although the origins are many, it is worth highlighting two main influences. Firstly, Egyptian frescoes from the era of Cleopatra, where figures were painted using adornments that resemble the ear cuffs we know today.

Soon after, many years later and on another continent, the European and far-fetched versions that adorned the ears of members of the aristocracy. Thirdly, the underground and punk scene with some sharper and more deconstructed stud earrings are also amazing.

Ear Cuff: stud earrings of the Moment

As it is unique and outside the traditional standards, it is clear that it was received by contemporary stylists as an opportunity for innovation. Today ear cuffs come in many variations, some specific for high-end parties and others more delicate for everyday use.

How to use?

Due to the wide variety of options available to choose from, ear cuffs are no longer just a fashionista thing. In order to show your versatility, we have answered some questions and prepared tips:

Why do you need several holes for stud earrings?

It is not necessary to have several holes in the ears to use the accessory. In summary, the earring model has a traditional pin at one end and a snap ring at the other. In fact, some versions are so light and delicate that they don’t even need the ring that guarantees support to the ear cuffs.

Since they adorn the earlobe and often extend through the cartilage, stud earrings are accessories designed with the aim of highlighting exactly that part of the body. Those with wider or longer faces can invest in larger models. Likewise, smaller versions are recommended for small, delicate faces.

Summary stud earrings

Even though it is specifically dedicated to the ears, stud earrings emphasize the entire face. For this reason, bet on short hair or tied up in hairstyles, sometimes relaxed, sometimes elaborate. Special occasions call for sophisticated braids and lined buns. In everyday life, a ponytail is more than enough. Remember that the intention is to make the accessory stand out.

The most important question is where to buy beautiful stud earrings online. You can try our range of latest earrings.