Rings Jewelry Women: Measuring the Ring Size   
July 22, 2021

Measuring Rings Jewelry for Women

Whenever getting rings jewelry women, the ring size matters a lot.  After all, if you are rings jewelry women for the purpose of engagement, then you must keep some important points in mind.  Once you have chosen the ring type, the next step is choosing the right size.

There is a variety of rings jewelry women can choose from.  They have varying price ranges.  It is a given when using a ring that is expensive, you must give significance and consider choosing appropriate methods for selecting the right size of the ring.

rings jewelry women

Rest assured that when you are buying a ring from a jeweler they will give you proper guidelines and even help in choosing the right size.  They offer different methods that include using ring size charts, ring guides, ring sizing tools, and can even ask for your pre-worn rings.

Different Ways of Measuring rings jewelry women

Most people who are buying a ring for themselves or their loved ones intend to wear these rings for a very long time. Hence, considering an appropriate method for ring size measurement is the right way to go. In some cases, a ring is a perfect gift.   Therefore, there are multiple methods and guidelines for measuring ring size for finding the perfect fit.

Measuring Ring Size at Home

Other than going to a jeweler, you can easily measure your own ring size by downloading and printing a ring size guide easily available on the net.  This way you won’t have to wait to go to the jeweler and try on their plastic ring sizing tools.

This printable ring size guide is reusable and the most convenient method of deciding your accurate ring size. You can even carry it with you before going to your jewelry. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step guidelines and perform this at-hand task carefully. The following are a few techniques for measuring your ring size at home with ease.

Techniques for Measuring Ring Size at Home

The first and easiest technique is to use a piece of string.  For this purpose, you will require a ruler, a pen, and any kind of string available at your home. For performing this technique you need to wrap the piece of string around your desired finger and hold the string such that it makes a ring.

When you are satisfied with the position of the string, mark the string with a pen.  Now remove the piece of string and put it adjacent to the ruler and find the mark that falls in line with your string.  The point at which the ruler shows the marking is your accurate size in centimeters or millimeters.

Once you know your exact measurement you can locate this size on your printed ring size guide. Convert it in the guide measurements so that you can easily spot your measured ring size.

The next technique is similar to the string technique.  Instead of using a string, we use a paper strip to make a ring shape around the finger.  Next, you must go about this technique as you would with a string.

Moving on to the next technique, it is actually a foolproof way of measuring the ring size.  In this technique, you will need a ring that fits you perfectly and a ruler. The next step is to measure the internal diameter of the ring and use this measurement as a reference and convert it. You need to make this conversion using the printable ring size chart readily available on the net.

Important Guidelines for Measuring Ring Size

There are many things that need consideration when making measurements for that perfect ring you want to wear.  Although it may seem quite a demure task, there are some very minute errors that can deter one from getting that perfectly fitted ring.

Always keep in mind that temperature can play a key role when determining your ring size.  In hot weather, your fingers tend to expand and vice versa in cold weather. Hence, it is logical to take the measurement in warm temperature because the finger is at the largest possible size in that condition.

Moreover, it is important to take into consideration the after-effects of measuring the wrong size for the ring.  This is why it is vital to take the size of the ring finger multiple times.  You do not want to have a ring that is loose enough that it slips away or tight enough such that it gets stuck right at your knuckle. The extra labor of measuring the ring multiple times can pay off very well once the ring fits perfectly.

Another interesting fact to keep in mind when measuring fingers is that our right hand is slightly larger than the left one.  So always keep it clear in your mind the finger on which you want to place that ring. There might be times when two sizes slightly apart fit your finger very well. In that case, always choose the bigger one.

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When choosing that perfect ring, the most important task is to measure the finger that you want to put the ring on. Some people are indifferent towards this task but they need to pay more attention. The above guidelines are enough to help you measure your ring size properly even if you are at your home. It may seem a tedious task in nature but it is worth all the effort. After all, a perfectly fitted ring looks way more valuable. An ill-fitted ring is altogether another task because you might need to go to the jeweler again for refitting. Hence, measuring the ring size properly can save you time and those extra visits to the jeweler.