How to make style with Diamond Moissanite OEM beaded earrings?
December 18, 2021

Find out how to match the Diamond Moissanite earring with your hairstyle

Do you ever wonder when you’re going to match the OEM beaded earrings with the hairstyle? This post will help you make the right choices and compose beautiful, elegant and intelligent looks.

OEM beaded earrings

The earring is a fundamental accessory in any look. They can be smaller and discreet or larger and even exuberant. It all depends on the occasion, the outfit, and the makeup and of course the hairstyle.

Not knowing how to properly match earrings can end up hampering production. The perfect choice will make everything much more interesting and glamorous.

Below, we give you all the tips to choose the ideal earring for each type of hairstyle.

Short hair or high bun with OEM beaded earrings

When the haircut or hairstyle leaves the neck showing enough, the OEM beaded earrings gain a lot of attention. If the occasion is more formal and the look is more sophisticated, choose the item carefully.

In these cases, you are free to choose earrings with stones, shine and bolder shapes.

Long hair loose

When you’re going to wear longer loose hair, you can opt for several earring options. The most suitable for these cases are the long models, which accompany the hair fall and help to visually elongate the face.

You can bet without fear on models, whether with or without stones, sparkles and other details.

Semi-up hair

This is a hairstyle that also accepts various earring designs. It is only necessary to be aware of the amount of loose threads.

When the hairstyle has a large amount of loose strands, OEM beaded earrings of medium to large size are more suitable.

If the hairstyle is with more strands tied than loose or tied on the side, then earrings a little smaller, of medium size are indicated.

Ponytail with OEM beaded earrings


Despite being a type of hairstyle that leaves the neck and also the face exposed, the most suitable in this case are small to medium earrings. A tip is to bet on rounded-shaped models, which always work.

If it’s a more festive occasion, bet on models with gemstones and shine.

Hairstyle stuck in the nape

It’s a very common type of hairstyle in more traditional occasions, it’s hair tied up, but at the nape height, with braids and low buns. It’s a very democratic model, where you can wear the most varied types of earrings. Feel free to choose your favorite.

Find the perfect OEM beaded earrings!

Lavender Magnolia Crystals Earring

In addition to matching the hairstyle, it is important to remember to balance the accessories used. In the case of a jawbone, for example, the earrings should be small in size. As well as, with thin and discreet necklaces, it is possible to wear OEM beaded earrings a little bigger.


The perfect earring for all the special occasions in your life is in our store!

Our creations are unique, handcrafted, high quality and full of refinement and good taste. You deserve accessories that showcase your natural beauty and add elegance to your look.

Earrings with a design that refers to elements of nature have a variety of uses and combinations, in addition to being true inspiring looks.

In this piece, we are the guiding element was the sun, a source of light, heat and a feeling of well-being. So, starting from this accessory, let’s talk about pieces of clothing to match not only with him, but with earrings of the same type. Check it out and share it with whoever you like!

Where to buy OEM beaded earrings?

The Sun is our star-king. Without it there would be no life on planet Earth. And it is with this inspiration of strength, power and energy that we created OEM beaded earrings.

The accessory is created in metal, but with a gold gilt plate. Our earring also has a vintage feel, which is very fashionable lately. It’s still produced in translucent resin.

Rounded like the Sun, it is made up of a large sphere with several smaller spheres around it, like the rays coming out of the sun.

Earrings with this exuberance have a meaning; this refers to feminine elegance at any age.

The combination of clothes and earrings

Earrings can refer to contemporaneity, lightness or romanticism, among other implicit messages. However, when the pieces are inspired by nature, a wide range of possibilities opens up: light or strong colors, color contrast, rounded shapes, light printed or plain fabrics, in addition to other combinations.

OEM beaded earrings 2021

In the case of our company, you can bet on OEM beaded earrings. And it will be successful in your work environment. But if your work environment is more informal, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers also go super well, as the basics and elements of nature are combined.

Beaded Earrings are Best for Romantic Couples

For more romantic people, who love flowing or delicately flowered fabrics, earrings make a perfect pair, as they remind you of sunlight. Beaded earrings fit of the clothes; it is also possible to combine them with our earring.

The choice of parts

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces inspired by nature with a differentiated design allow for unexpected combinations, but the best thing is to bet on pieces that have an excellent finish, with first quality materials.

Therefore, when choosing your pieces, opt for quality and good taste; the latter will be strongly associated with your personality and style.

This is a way to wear the bracelet that highlights the piece and avoids any kind of mismatches.

Summary: Best Reason to wear Diamond Moissanite Earrings

For this, choose simpler look options, such as monochromatic ones, so that the accessory is the biggest highlight, without depending on model, size, color or shine. Focus on really enhancing the piece.

Furthermore, by choosing excellent accessories, you guarantee that you will have pieces with a long durability, so that you can multiply your combinations at all times of the year, without getting tired.