How to choose right customize luxury earrings in 2022?
December 28, 2021

customize luxury earrings
Colored customize luxury earrings are a big trend and are successful all over the world. However, some women still feel a little afraid when using this type of accessory, as it becomes a standout in the look and draws more attention.

But keep in mind that, knowing how to combine it, it is possible to assemble stylish productions for different occasions. Follow our post and see 4 great reasons for you to bet on colorful earrings without fear of making a mistake. Check out!

1. Customize luxury earrings: Combine with summer and brighten the look

Summer calls for more fun productions, so colored earrings are the most suitable accessories. Plus, they’re great options for getting out of the everyday basics, whether for work or sightseeing.

As summer looks have lighter pieces, colored earrings can add to the look, enhancing a simpler and more neutral outfit. They can be small in geometric shape or large with colored crystals, for example.

2. Give a fashion touch to the look

Colorful earrings can transform your look.

For example, if you have to wear eyeglasses or don’t do without sunglasses, it’s easy to harmonize this accessory with the colored customize luxury earrings. A tip is to always opt for frame colors that share a common tone with your earrings. This combination is fashionable and cool!

Another option for wearing the earrings with style is to tie your hair. It is possible to make more laid-back buns or “half-pinned” hairstyles, which make the accessory the biggest highlight of the look.

3. Customize luxury earrings are great options for special events

And who doesn’t like a very elegant production for parties and special occasions? The colored earrings go very well with more chic and luxurious looks. However, they should always be harmonized with the colors of your clothing and other accessories.

If your look already has very strong colors, choose an earring of only one color. Now if your outfit is black, white, nude or another neutral shade, invest in earrings with colored stones without thinking twice!

4. They are available in a variety of colors.

Nowadays it is possible to find earrings in different colors, which meet all styles and visual proposals.

For summer, bright colors are the most popular, with an emphasis on the different shades of green, blue and pink. In winter, neutral colors and darker tones are chosen to complement the looks, such as burgundy, nude, dark blue or brown.

How to choose right customize luxury earrings?

With these tips, you won’t go wrong when wearing colorful earrings on several occasions, creating very stylish and sophisticated productions.

But remember: the ideal is to invest in pieces that have to do with you, whether they are more modern, classic or simple, adapting the trend to your way of dressing.

Earrings are the most common accessories in women’s daily lives, and are essential in any look, from the most casual to the most elaborate. But, if you have short hair, you are probably already in doubt about the choice of pieces.

In this post, we’ve put together tips on how to choose customize luxury earrings for short hair, and you’ll be surprised to find that this type of cut goes with everything — so just keep an eye out for a few details.

The main care you should take when choosing earrings is to know which style you most identify with. Check it out:

Small earrings ensure a delicate look

customize luxury earrings 2022

For a delicate production, opt for smaller earrings, which are close to the earlobe, as they leave a feminine and charming look. Furthermore, these accessories are highlighted with the short hair length.

Bet on light dot earrings or small rings. Earrings with some stones are also a good choice. But be aware: depending on the rest of the look, small and very delicate earrings can leave your childish look.

Big earrings also go with short hair

If you are daring or want a flashier look, invest in big customize luxury earrings. This type of accessory is highlighted when contrasting with short hair, making the production very stylish.

There are several models of large earrings with different colors and shapes. Bet on those with gemstones, which can be in more striking or neutral colors.

A large earring lifts the look and ensures a sophisticated look for any occasion. However, it is worth mentioning: in order not to overload the look, do not use necklaces when wearing large earrings.

The classic customize luxury earrings are always in fashion

Women adept at a classic style like more elegant and refined pieces. If you are one of them, invest in earrings with an elaborate design or timeless models such as earrings with pearls and hoops.


These traditional pieces are gaining more and more variations. At JK online store, for example, you can find several options for classic earrings. Just choose the one that best suits your taste, and you’ll have an elegant and powerful look!

Alternative looks are increasingly present

Some women prefer to get away from the traditional and wear different pieces. If you fit that profile and like an alternative look and rock and roll, black rhodium earrings are the best option. You can choose from the most diverse sizes and formats, however, try to balance it with the rest of the look, so as not to exaggerate and weigh the look too much.

If you prefer a more boho style, opt for earrings with a more hippie feel. Fringed earrings are a great choice, and will look great with your short hair.

After knowing these tips, choosing customize luxury earrings for short hair is much easier, isn’t it? Now you know: short hair doesn’t just go with small earrings. Its short threads further enhance the beauty of the accessories, which brighten and highlight your face.


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