How To Care For Gold Plated Rings
August 19, 2021

Gold Plated Rings is One of Three Forms of Gold Rings

History tells us a strong bond between rings with devotion, eternity, fidelity, and deity. The modern-day connection has largely been around the denotation of love in weddings and engagements. Whether we call it a pure gold ring or gold plated rings, people, especially ladies adorn wearing rings. They wear it to symbolize their love and association with particular events or memories of their beautiful past. Rings are made in three major types of materials: Some are solid gold rings made of soft 24 karat gold, but that are vulnerable to scratches. To increase rings’ durability, manufacturers offer 18, 14, and 10 karat gold mixed with other metals. Some rings are gold-filled, made of gold and other materials with pressure-bonding technique.  Some rings are gold-plated. They are the least expensive rings in the gold rings category. In recent timings, gold plated stone rings are pretty much popular among females.

gold plated rings


The ring is made from an alloy or metal like silver. The gold plating process involves dipping the rings into gold to cover them with a thin layer. Depending upon the shape and design of the ring, the thickness of gold plating layers may vary. Manufacturers use real gold anywhere from 24K to 10K gold in making the rings.

The outer layer of the ring carries gold plating whereas the main part of the ring contains other metal. It is usually made from sterling silver or copper. The gold plating adheres to the rest of the material through electricity or some chemical process. In most cases, however, the coatings are technically “electroplated”. Once plated, an ordinary person can’t judge whether the ring is real gold or formed from gold plating.

Do Gold Plated Rings Vary in Colour?

The highest level of purity in such types of rings is 24 K gold and the lowest level comprises 10 k gold. The higher the purity of gold in the ring, the more it gives the impression of a gold-like look.

What is the Usual Life of Gold Plated Rings?

The trendy rings do not last for long. On average, these rings last up to two to three years. The gold plating is vulnerable to tarnish and starts wearing down with the length of time. A common observation is that the thin layer of gold damages dissolves, or is rubbed off. These rings are a great invention because those who can’t afford the costlier solid gold rings can buy them.

People intend to buy these rings because of the following reasons:

  • The rings are affordable price-wise
  • They look like real gold
  • The gold plating gives the designers a choice to make beautiful innovative designs containing items like stones etc. The rings bring a touch of elegance and decoration to any outfit.
  • The rings are durable and strong as compared to solid gold rings. 

There are certain disadvantages with gold-plated rings due to which it becomes necessary to take care of them. Here is how they may need some extra care: 

  • The rings can tarnish after some period of time. Solid gold rings do not tarnish at all. The base metal beneath the gold plate eventually comes to the surface and the ring gets discolored.
  • The plating is prone to scratches, may start chipping, or flaking off due to a thin layer of gold.
  • The little amount of gold lowers the value of the ring.
  • Water is the strongest enemy of the rings with gold plating. The gold layer completely wears off due to constant exposure to water.

Tips for Cleaning Gold Plated Rings

To remove surface soil and smudges, it is better to wipe down the ring with a piece of a damp cotton ball. Microfiber cloth removes the impacts of alcohol, acids, and sulfur elements that may tarnish the base metals. Take a small bowl, a piece of fine microfiber cloth, a cotton ball, and a cotton swab. If you feel stickiness or visibly observe soil on it, clean it with a detergent mixed in warm water. Put two to three drops of detergent or dishwashing liquid in one cup of warm water.

If the ring is simple without pearls or stones, etc. soak it straight in the cleaning solution for maximum 10 minutes. It is better to soak single or two pieces to avoid scratching. Intricately designed rings usually carry pieces of soil in small crevices. Use a cotton swab and gently remove the embedded soil instead of using any sharp tool to remove them. After thoroughly cleaning the surface, rinse the ring with warm water. Dry it with a fine piece of microfiber cloth. Then buff it to retain the shine.

General Tips for Caring Gold Plated Rings

Avoid impacts of perfume or other cosmetic sprays

Whenever you use perfume or hairspray type of cosmetics products, make sure your gold plated ring is not exposed to them. Keep your hands free from soil, make-up articles, etc. before wearing your rings.

Remove the ring before cooking acidic food

The acidic materials can damage the ring or remove its plating. Therefore, make sure not to wear the ring while cooking any acidic food. Remove your plated rings before you try to chop tomatoes in the kitchen.

Excessive sweating can damage the ring

While doing exercises, remove the ring to prevent salty sweating that can potentially impact the neatness of the plating.

Keep water away from your gold plated rings

It is generally not a good idea to take a wash while wearing the ring. Don’t even think about swimming with the ring wearing on. Always wash and dry hands before putting on or putting off the ring.

Use separate boxes to store the rings

Store all your plated rings in a soft pouch separately from all other jewelry items. You are doing this to prevent them from rubbing with other hard jewelry items.

gold plated rings


Gold plating allows designers to craft beautiful and innovative shapes of rings out of stronger metals. As it keeps the cost down, many people actually prefer gold plated rings. However, the low-cost ring demands regular caring in order to avoid its vulnerability to discoloration and tarnishing. Taking preventive measures can make it look like 10, 12, 14 k gold rings.