How to choose hoop earrings for a child below 10 years?
September 18, 2021

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Parents are hesitant to buy hoop earrings for young children. Some are in no hurry to give jewelry to babies, believing that the right time for this is fourteen or sixteen years old. The advantage of ear piercing as a child is that the girl will quickly get used to the adornment.

Those who support this position should figure out which earrings are best for children. When choosing the first one, it is not enough to pay attention only to the price and appearance of the jewelry; you need to focus on the types of fasteners.

Types of earrings for small children

Precious metal products must be practical. I don’t want the baby to lose a silver accessory while walking or get pricked while sleeping. It is important to choose a model that will withstand an active lifestyle and will look beautiful on the ear. These are the basic requirements for precious accessories for young ladies.

First of all, look at the types of silver earrings for children.

An English lock is a common option with a secure fit. The spring-clip is fixed in a special hole and ensures that the child does not lose the accessory during active play. When buying a product, be guided by the distance between the arch and the lobe. It cannot be regulated by yourself. If the size is too large, the puncture in the ear will stretch.

Pin – The clasp is used in hoop earrings for children. The rod on one half of the product fits into the hole on the other. The advantage of the model is that there are no unnecessary details that cause discomfort when worn. Jewelers fix the stone inserts using rail or rim setting.

Are stud hoop earrings a good option?

Studs are stud earrings, they are recommended to be worn immediately after ear piercing. The decoration is fixed with a clip or a screw. In the first case, the rod is threaded into a cap that adjoins the lobe.


The disadvantage is that over time, the clamp can loosen and come off unnoticed. The second more reliable option is hoop earrings for children with a screw fastener. In them, a carnation is screwed onto a pin, it is difficult to lose it. You need to carefully wind the cap in order to even put it on the rod. Otherwise, the pin may bend or break.

French Lock hoop earrings

French lock – externally, the clasp resembles a hook with a safety loop that secures the shackle. This is the safest silver earring option for children, as the wide hook follows the shape of the earlobe. Thanks to the ability to scroll the base, there will be no problems with treating punctures with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. The advantage of accessories with a French lock is that the clasp will not scratch the skin behind the ears, because the edge of the curved hook is not sharp. Even during sleep, the baby will not inject.

Gold or silver: which earrings to choose for a child?

When planning to pierce the girl’s ears, the material of the future jewelry is a matter of principle. The first time after the procedure, young ladies are recommended to wear medical alloy carnations.

When the wound on the lobe heals up and the discomfort disappears, you can exchange them for jewelry made of precious metal. Find a beautiful and practical option, such as hoop earrings for children.

Gold hoop earrings for girls

Traditionally, it is believed that earrings should be only gold, since it is a hypoallergenic material, and products made from it look spectacular. But if you are afraid that the child will lose an expensive accessory, stop at silver.

Jewelry made of this metal looks neater on a child’s ear and is suitable as the first. In the catalog of the online store, you can pick up studs, products with English and French clasps at an affordable price.

Which are the best hoop earrings for children?

Doctors advise which earrings are best for children to wear after piercing, but they do not prohibit making a choice in favor of a noble metal.

The main thing is that it is 925 sterling materials because the accessory will not cause allergies. For children whose earlobes are rotting and sore from gold earrings, silver earrings are suitable, as this metal helps heal the piercing wound.

What should be the price of hoop earrings?

Due to the low price, you can buy several pairs of hoop earrings for children. These can be festive models for special occasions and ordinary ones for everyday wear.

Models differ in the shape of the insert, the number, and the color of the stones. At first, it is not advised to change the earrings too often, and it is better to wipe the puncture so as not to infect. Before putting on the product, you need to treat it with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

How to choose earrings for a child depending on age?

For a one-year-old baby and a schoolgirl, the same jewelry will not work. Paying attention to the first item you come across is not the best option, it is more important to take into account the age of the one who will wear the jewelry.

If laundry soap and ethyl alcohol did not help to clean the silver earrings completely or these funds were not found, you can take a closer look at other methods:

  • soak in a glass of water with 1 tsp. ammonia for half an hour;
  • boil in 150 ml of water with 1 tsp. citric acid;
  • Furthermore, rub with soda lightly soaked in water or crushed chalk;
  • Moreover, dip it briefly into grated potatoes or a decoction from potato peel;
  • brush with toothpaste using a soft brush;
  • Similarly, rub with lipstick with a cloth or soft brush;
  • erase the plaque with a stationery eraser.

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For stubborn stains, such as those on the fasteners of hoop earrings, the best way is with a solution of ammonia, where you should also add a teaspoon of baking soda. Hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned with a cotton swab or toothpick. After each of the procedures presented, the jewelry must be rinsed and polished with suede cloth.