7 Tips to Copy Fake pearl earrings Ear Piercing
September 23, 2021

pearl earrings
After the ear cuff fever, that pearl earrings that goes around the entire edge of the ear, now enters a new accessory trend:  the ear bling! The minimalist accessories add a touch of femininity and modernity in a clean, versatile way and are ideal for everyday use.

From the 90s to 2020: pearl earrings

Considered the new trend in the semi-jewels market, ear bling emerged in the late 90’s with the use of several earrings together in the ear as if they were a unique accessory. The options are ideal for those who have more than one hole in the ear, and they also like to use smaller pieces.

But who doesn’t have a pierced ear stay out? None of that; everything in fashion comes and goes. Likewise the accessories have gained unusual shapes, as well as those that fix without the need for a hole.

Is it possible to combine multiple pearl earrings?

The pearl earrings are very common thee days. They are small and delicate earrings that together make any look super charming and stylish. The ear blings are back in a more fun way, some are in different formats. For example, bows, skulls and pets, others are attached to earrings by a chain.

As they are separate earrings, you wear one in each hole to adhere to the new trend and you can also wear them separately, the looks enshrine the urban and modern concept in the fashion world, but allow them to be common also in formal environments with the use of a single accessory while working. Another possibility is to choose delicate stones like the pearl darlings.

Simple and elegant, the minimalist semi-jewels are the wild card of any jewelry box and the mix of earrings is here to stay.

What carries a set of pearl earrings?

To create delicate pearl earrings is worth almost anything, but before going out putting all possible earrings in the ear know that before quantity, the combination is much more important. Here are the tips:

  • Earrings must have the same bath to be charming in the ear;
  • It is worth using stones of different colors, such as tourmaline, amelist and morganite;
  • Different shapes are also valid: a cross, a shamrock and a Greek eye in each hole and that’s it, you’ve combined an esoteric mix of ear bling;
  • The first earring can be bigger and the other


Piercing Fake is the solution for you who want to use piercings but only have earring holes. Nowadays, there are thousands of ways to use them without needing holes. So, one of these ways is to wear an ear accessory.

How to adopt different looks for earrings?

The accessory makes the compositions super beautiful and very stylish. Learn at once and in a practical way to compose different looks, with these accessories so dear of the moment.

The pearl earrings piercings or fake piercings can be common in different parts of the body. However, the most common and darling of bloggers is in the ear region. That’s because earrings are already worn on the ear, so it’s easier to add the accessory to compose a killer look.

pearl earrings 2021

The ways to use the accessory will vary according to the accessory and look chosen. The types of clasps and wraps can vary, which changes the way you wear the accessory. Also, fake piercings can be common on different parts of the ear. They can be glued at different points to create beautiful and very modern compositions.

So, let’s show you how to use fake piercings to rock you with a mix of powerful and impactful earrings, check it out:

 Basic fake piercing for pearl earrings

If you are still getting common to the idea of ​​using a fake pearl earrings piercing, a great option is to choose a basic piece. Also, to make the experience more comfortable, a good option is to fit the earring in the middle part of the ear. This way, the piece does not cause any kind of inconvenience. So, using the piercing in this region is a comfortable and beautiful way.

Casual fake piercing

It is possible to create beautiful and cool compositions with the accessory. One of the ways to use it is choosing a wild piece to compose casual looks. The ideal is to opt for small earrings and a basic piercing.

Combining Piercing Fake and Earrings

The accessory doesn’t always need to match other ear accessories, but this is also a sophisticated way to create a very modern makeup! In this composition, the pieces can have several points in common, such as: the bath of accessories, the color of the stone, simplicity, etc.

Using fake pearl earrings piercing discreetly

Earrings with chain and piercing, or just a thin ring piercing and pearl earrings can be incorporated in a super discreet way in the composition. In this case (with a chain), the best way to use it is to position it in the helix region of the ear, that is, in the upper part of the cartilage.

Big fake piercing

To use a large fake piercing, you need to balance the accessory with other, more discreet accessories. In addition, the ideal is to wear the piece in the middle of the ear. That’s because larger pieces are more comfortable in this region. An excellent idea too, is to wear an ear cuff followed by a fake piercing.

How to use luxurious fake piercing?

Those looking for flashy, shiny and very glamorous compositions will find in luxurious pearl earrings piercings what they love! Don’t skimp on shine. Add the beauty of earrings to the luxury of piercing and have a wonderful mix. In this proposal, a thicker piercing was chosen, the studded earrings.

We can also bet on fake piercing as the main protagonist of the earring mix. Just choose a very striking piece, like this accessory with hanging zirconia. In addition, the piercing complements two large earrings already combined: the medal ring and also the small ring with a tiffany chain.