What is the difference between earrings of adults and youngsters?
September 18, 2021

What should be the first earrings for a girl? What material should be made of? Moreover, what is the most convenient fastener for a little fidget? These important questions are of interest to those parents who decide to pierce the ears of their children. What you need to pay attention to when choosing such a decoration, we will tell you in our material.

When to pierce for earrings?

This question cannot be ignored – it worries many adults. Wear earrings while the child is still small. You can take your time and pierce the ears at a conscious age, or maybe wait for the moment when the girl herself asks about it? Doctors do not give an unambiguous answer, so the decision is up to the parents.

Let us remind you that jewelry is excluded. Also, do not buy earrings for your child from the tray or at sales. Cheap handicrafts (even gold ones) can also cause an allergic reaction.  The additional components of the precious alloy are “to blame”: the more of them, the more likely it is to irritate.

As a rule, these are Children’s Gold Earrings

They practically do not give allergic reactions and do not irritate the skin. For the wound to heal faster, give preference to a model made of precious metal. Be sure to check the manufacturer and the fineness: 585th fineness of gold is the best option in terms of price-quality ratio.

Silver earrings for children can also be used, but watch the skin’s reaction while wearing these. Base jewelry can trigger allergies. To avoid problems, allergy sufferers should not wear such earrings, and the rest should pay attention to sterling jewelry.

Jewelry weight and size

If your princess is still small, then she needs ear jewelry of the appropriate size. The thickness of the metal bow for children’s models is designed for a child’s lobe and should not cause any inconvenience.

Children’s earrings are lightweight (a pair weighs 1-2 grams) and are hardly felt during wearing. If you put on the girl’s adult earrings, then there is a risk of delaying, tearing the earlobe, or losing the jewelry during active games.

Children’s Earring Clasps

A dozen types of earrings are distinguished by the type of fastener. For children’s models of constant wear, three are considered the most suitable:

Such a fastener is adjustable for the thickness of the earlobe, it is universal and, with the right choice of the length of the stud, does not cause problems.

Earrings with English clasp. The bow is fixed in the hole with a spring clip, they are reliable – the risk of losing the jewelry is minimal. At the same time, it is better for a child to try on such earrings before buying in order to accurately select the length of the pin passing through the lobe.

Earrings with French lock. The curved hook of the lower ends fits into the loop, so it is easy enough to fix it even for a baby. These earrings are movable in the lobe, which is also a plus.

Design of earrings

The choice of the external design of the jewelry is important for the child, it is better to find out the girl’s preferences before buying. Today, jewelry manufacturers offer several destinations for children. Most Popular:

Nature: Here we include plants: earrings in the form of cherries, flowers, berries. The decor with figures of animals, birds, and insects may also please a little fashion: ladybugs, bees, butterflies, swallows, elephants, cats, etc.

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Cartoon characters: Mickey mouses, unicorns, ponies, minions – if you know your favorite daughter’s character, you will make a wonderful gift.

Colored stones: As a rule, these are small specimens, in a modest frame – a wonderful school and everyday option.

Children’s earrings differ from adults in many ways:

Earrings for a girl are not only an ornament, but an attribute that emphasizes her belonging to the fair sex. Of course, children’s earrings are not an essential item, but how are the little ones proud of their first jewelry “like a mom’s”, and why deprive their princesses of such joy.

It is necessary to choose the right earrings for the girl so that they do not scratch, do not prick, do not cause allergic reactions, and are safe for the baby.

At what age can you put earrings on a child?

The age at which children get their ears pierced is determined by the parents. Some of them are so impatient to see the earrings on their little girl that they are ready to do it almost immediately after birth.

From a medical point of view, there are no scientific recommendations in favor of this or that age. For example, the famous doctor Mark believes that ear piercing is extremism before one year old. In any case, the main thing is that the procedure is carried out by specialists in compliance with all hygiene standards.

How o pierce for earrings?

The modern method of piercing is quite painless: a special pistol is used, “loaded” with a sterile children’s earring made of a medical alloy, which remains in the lobe until the wound heals. The puncture is done with lightning speed, so even a very small child can calmly respond to it.

But the need for further regular treatment of the wound can cause pain. And earring in children’s ears can be disturbing at first. Therefore, many parents prefer to wait until the older age of the child, so that he can make a conscious decision.

Which earrings are best for a child?

A preferred material for children’s earrings: gold. High-standard gold earrings for children reduce the risk of allergies in a child. Very young children (up to primary school age) are unlikely to need more than one everyday pair. Earrings for children are also made of silver and jewelry alloys.

The main thing is to observe the child, taking off the earrings as soon as you notice.  They are causing redness or another undesirable effect.


Type of clasp for children’s earrings: close attention should be paid to the clasp of the earring. It must be secure so that the earrings do not open. Ease of handling is also important.  A girl of 5-6 years old should be comfortable taking them off and putting them on.