Customize Women necklace Manufacturer: Best Necklaces Design
November 23, 2021

Customize Women necklace Manufacturer
Customize women necklace manufacturer
 is quite famous. They are also popular all over the world. On the market today, there are many types of jewelry from 10K 14 to 24K gold. This comes with many diverse and rich designs, in which 14K gold jewelry is attracting much attention.

However, not everyone knows about 14gold, so what is 14K gold? All will be answered in the following article.


  1. What is 14K customize women necklace Gold?
  2. How is the quality of customize women necklace gold? Should I buy it?

III. Notes when buying gold necklace

I. What is 14K customize women necklace Gold?

People evaluate the purity of gold products on behalf of professional customize women necklace manufacturer.

The higher the karat unit, the greater the degree of purity will be. For 14K gold, pure gold accounts for about 58.5%, other metals account for 41.5%. Adding other metals makes 14K gold harder and more durable than 18K or 24K gold.

In addition, customize women necklace manufacturer is also known as western gold because 14K gold contains not too high a percentage of pure gold compared to 24K gold, also known as gold (What is 24K gold?). So 14K gold is called western gold.

II. How is the quality of 14K gold? Should I buy it?

  1. 14K CZK Gold Quality

Although 14k gold has less pure gold content than 24K gold, this is one of the types of gold common for jewelry because of its harder and more durable characteristics, high aesthetics, and no heavy feeling. .

Besides, 14K gold is common to make more wedding rings than 18K gold because the price is not too high, couples can save a lot of money. For jewelry you wear every day, 14K gold is a perfect choice, hard to damage and tarnish.


Customize women necklace manufacturer possesses great advantages such as shiny, durable, but after a long time of use, this gold jewelry will no longer be as bright as the original. Therefore, in order to have a new beauty, take your jewelry to reputable gold and silver shops to re-polish.

2. Should you buy from customize women necklace manufacturer?

14K gold is a great choice if your jewelry selection criteria include: good durability, affordable price. Although the content of pure gold is less, 14K gold jewelry will help you save considerable costs and easily attach stones, so 14K gold jewelry always has a higher sophistication than other types. .

In addition to the standard yellow we often see, 14K gold also has many other colors such as: rose gold, white gold. The color of 14K gold is formed based on the proportion of metal mixed into the gold alloy.

III. Notes when buying from customize women necklace manufacturer

14K gold is not a very expensive gold, so it is not suitable for investment or accumulation. Customize women necklace manufacturer is quite popular with users because this type of gold jewelry is easy to manipulate into many diverse and eye-catching designs. However, when buying 14K gold, you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Consult the gold price before buying


Before going to buy gold, you need to consult the current gold price and all types of gold to see how much the price difference is. You can refer to many salons or many different websites to get an overview.

  1. Buy at reputable jewelry companies and businesses

Gold quality is the first thing you need to pay attention to because today’s gold market is difficult to distinguish by sophistication and taking advantage of the gullibility of customers. There have been many cases of exchanging high-value gold for lower-value gold for profit.

Therefore, for peace of mind and to avoid all possible risks, you should contact reputable and quality customize women necklace manufacturer. With more than 30 years in the business of bringing jewelry from 24K, 18K, 14K.

3. Ask about the customize women necklace manufacturer

Most of us Vietnamese, when using gold jewelry for a long time, will want to change to other jewelry or sell it, so you need to carefully ask the store how to calculate the buying / selling rate of the type of gold you buy. .

  1. Distinguish real/fake gold by test

This is an essential skill that you should learn to avoid being tricked into buying fake or poor quality gold. There are many ways to distinguish real gold or fake gold, manual testing methods such as hitting stone, using fire, etc. give relatively accurate results, or you can also look with your eyes to know: real gold shiny, finely carved, sparkling…

Necklaces – the beauty of sophistication and elegance

Although there are different designs, both men’s and women’s necklaces possess a variety of designs.

The most popular type and also the favorite type of men’s necklaces can be mentioned as links – typical jewelry of men. Usually come from gold or silver, the chain customize women necklace manufacturer have a large, thick design, showing the masculinity as well as the strength of the wearer.

For women, the most popular necklaces design is the thin version, showing the gentle but equally luxurious features of women. The 14K White Gold necklaces with pearls – a pearl originating from Japan and attractive bright white color will become an accessory to enhance the owner’s sharpness.
Customize Women necklace Manufacturer 2021

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