How to celebrate New Year with customize silver earrings?
December 28, 2021

customize silver earrings
Minimalism has become a trend: it’s making headway and taking up space in the closets of the most connected customize silver earrings. Delicate and discreet, but no less wonderful and shiny than other accessories, silver jewelry with a subtle and sophisticated design are the bets to compose the looks of trends for next summer.


With several pieces combined, the popular mix of minimalist jewelry won the hearts of women and is already strongly present in the streets, clubs, and beaches and in social networks and circles.

 But, after all, how to recognize the style of minimalist jewelry?

The minimalist design is part of a lifestyle that, essentially, values ​​a clean look. Although not something new, it is considered the face of modernity and versatility. In jewelry, especially those made in silver, it translates in a fine and delicate way, which is ideal for composing classic looks.

An interesting point about the minimalist style is the “less is more” rule. And this is not only true for the subtlety of customize silver earrings, but it also has to do with the idea of ​​not consuming too much. In other words, those who live this lifestyle value items that last for years, that have a lot of quality and that can be transformed over time.

Why JK Jewelry customize silver earrings?

Well, when it comes to “crossing generations”, Jk Jewelry is a specialist. In addition to having a lifetime warranty, all minimalist silver jewelry sold both in the physical store and online, reaches customers with the highest standards in the Brazilian market.

Minimalist silver earrings

The minimalist earrings are discrete parts, leaving your hands soft and clean looks. There is usually a detail that catches the eye, but without exaggeration.

In this version, the transparent zirconia is responsible for giving the shine.

  • silver ring with zirconia only silver
  • Here, the silver design itself is the protagonist.
  • beautiful minimalist ring only silver
  • This beautiful minimalist ring, on the other hand, has a hollow design and details in blue zirconia.
  • silver ring with blue zirconia only silver

You can also bring this delicacy to your customize silver earrings.


Talking ring or silver toe

And if you want to celebrate love with a minimalist silver wedding band, this kit is an excellent choice.

Minimalist silver chains, earrings and necklaces

Definitely any neck looks incredibly beautiful with a silver jewelry. However, the elegance provided by minimalist options is indisputable.

  • The organic, flowing shapes are pure style and this choker is proof.
  • Silver choker with beautiful organic shape
  • Small medals, in a beautifully refined piece
  • choker only silver with medals

How about trying a mix of silver chains and earrings?

If you like this charming trend, you need to assemble your mix according to your preferences. In a simpler look, a little too much of the accessories is no sin.

A mix like this, combining chains, chokers and pendants, is able to completely transform the look, bringing much more style to the composition.

Beautiful mix of necklaces only silver

Minimalist customize silver earrings: here it’s worth wearing just one or making that perfect “match”

customize silver earrings 2022

Earrings have been the focus among accessories, especially when it comes to making a combination of several of them. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the guts to pierce your ears; the pressure versions prove that fashion can be very democratic and inclusive.

The ear cuff trend and ear earrings have been stealing the show, and in the more discreet versions they become an icon of elegance.

Celebrate New year with customize silver earrings

The end of the year is a time to celebrate, fraternize and also give gifts. Whether it’s a gift for a secret friend or a Christmas present, it’s always a joy to please those we admire.

For some people, choosing the right customize silver earrings can be a big challenge. But don’t worry; we’ve prepared a super selection of gift tips for this year’s end.

Check out this special selection so you don’t make a mistake.

1. Silver Tree Of Life Ring

This can be a great Christmas gift tip for that super special person. This is because the Tree of Life carries with it an enormous symbolism, related to fertility and eternity, as trees spread their seeds, continuing the evolution and cycle of life. Beautiful isn’t it?



2. Silver Stars customize silver earrings

Giving silver jewelry is no mistake; these pieces offer quality and elegance to match any style. The Silver Stars choker is a delicate and versatile jewelry; it can be the perfect gift for that secret friend from work you know little about.

  1. Wrought Silver Ring

Tell me, which woman is not in love with hoop earrings? This piece is even more special, with worked, hollowed out and aged details. A gift of great elegance and good taste, whoever wins it will know that you understand style and refinement.

4. Greek Eye Silver Bracelet

And to bring good energy to 2022, how about giving this beautiful Silver customize silver earrings? Here is an ideal gift to start the year off on the right foot.

5. Silver Memories Bracelet

This gift tip is awesome, as this accessory is 100% customizable. You can assemble it with any trinkets you want, making your gift even more exclusive and special. A suggestion to choose the charms of the bracelet that you will be giving away is to choose the ones that tell a little of the person’s story.

  1. Silver Scapular

This jewelry is very special, because according to religious tradition, you should receive it as a gift and not buy it. Gifting a scapular demonstrates that you have great affection for the person.

This was our special selection with the best gift tips for the holiday season.


Want to celebrate your special friendships? The customize silver earrings in the form of people can perpetuate these friendships. It is also possible to take a photo of the person you love with you, inside a beautiful personalized trinket. A symbol of greater love for mothers, children also have a guaranteed space on the charm bracelet.