Where to buy customize rhinestone earrings?
December 28, 2021

customize rhinestone earrings
Accessories are essential to give the look a charm. No matter how simple the clothes customize rhinestone earrings can make your look more modern, cool, and classic or refined.

And believe me, there are even earrings to wear and enhance each type of hair: short, medium and long can be even more charming with the correct jewelry. Both the haircut and the accessories reflect your personality.


However, they can be adapted to make a more harmonious look. In this post, we’ll find out which earrings to wear with the length of your hair.

Where to buy customize rhinestone earrings?

Oh, don’t forget that JK has thousands of customize rhinestone earrings models to wear at work, at parties, in everyday life, or at any time, and with all kinds of looks. Visit the online store and discover the jewelry.

Earrings to wear with every hair type

As we said before, there is no rule, but there is an ideal type of earring for each hair length, whatever it is. After all, each hair size allows for different styles and jewelry that will stand out, to add more charm. Want to see it?

Short hair

There are those who think that the very short cut does not allow for many nuances. On the contrary: you can have a more cool style, like the singers Robyn, Katy Perry and Karol Conká, or more classic, like Anne Hathaway, Janelle Monae and Ruth Neoga.

Medium hair

The medium size allows for a wide variety of cuts, as it is not as heavy as the long one, but it has a length that allows the hairdresser to work it in different ways. Want to get inspired? See the cuts by Camilla Quiroz, Sharon Menezes and Ciara.

Long hair

Long hair is the dream of many women and, although it doesn’t look like it, it’s more practical to disguise rebellious strands. It allows for countless hairstyles and of course, it doesn’t just need to have that straight cut. Get inspired by the famous Tanis Arturo, Zendaya and Jasmine Brunet.

Now let’s get to know the ideal customize rhinestone earrings designs to wear with each hair size!

customize rhinestone earrings 2022

Earrings to wear with long hair

If you are a fan of the Rapunzel style, you know how amazing it looks with huge customize rhinestone earrings! They can make the look a little heavy, but at the same time they elongate the neck and don’t hide in the middle of the hair.

Leave that small model for when you’re wearing a braid or bun. The trick is not to abuse pieces with huge and very colorful gemstones.

Medium or long models are ideal choices. But if you like something more colorful, check out the silver garnet and zirconia earring from Only Silver. Despite being all covered with stones, they are all small, only the garnet type is colored.

Earrings to wear with every hair type

However, if you like a sexier look, rings are perfect. Smooth, they are eye-catching but without polluting the look. Jk medium-sized hoop model closes on itself, so there’s no risk of getting tangled up in your hair. Want another suggestion for a pair of earrings that go great with long hair? Check the model with lapis lazuli.

Customize rhinestone earrings to wear with medium hair

Medium hair allows for a greater range of earrings. After all, the threads are shorter they don’t tend to “fight” with bigger accessories. Also, it helps to stretch the face. If you want to use your cut to put on a more powerful earring, we have some tips:


Wear a powerful customize rhinestone earrings in just one ear (in this case, hair should be at the back) and leave the other with a small model or no earring (hair should cover it); in this option, you can take a chance on the JK earrings, for example, cat ear cuff, beautiful!

Comb your hair back and apply gel, its super modern and bold.

Earrings to wear with every hair type

Two powerful models for medium hair are the silver earring with links and the peacock model with zirconia.

Earrings to wear with short hair

Short hair is even more versatile. As your face will be in evidence, you only need to worry about which accessory suits your personality the best. Even the most voluminous cuts don’t usually cover the earrings, as the volume tends to be up.

But if you wear a short channel, you can use a cut that covers the ear and leaves part of the earring showing just below the volume.

If you chose something more classic, the ideal is an accessory that is also classic and discreet. But if you are a fan of trendy short and even designs, choose more different earrings, with geometric details.

Earrings to wear with every hair type

For use in more discreet environments, check out the silver ruby ​​model. But if you like bigger and longer accessories, the silver zirconia earring is amazing!

Other types of earrings to wear on all occasions

The ear cuffs are earrings to wear at any time and with any kind of hair! For medium or long strands, the ideal is to use them tied or combed back and finished with gel. The fun here is that the attention of the look stays on the customize rhinestone earrings.

Customize rhinestone earrings to wear with every hair type

You can wear the ear cuff on both ears and just one ear, combining it with another earring. At JK you will find amazing models, such as the pressure ear cuff with leaf and treble clef designs, and also with zirconia.

The must-have gem

See how it is possible to use earrings to harmonize with your hair and make your look even more charming? Remember that JK has thousands of earrings to wear on different occasions — and with all types of hair!

If you are a chameleon, who loves to play with the look of hair and accessories, visit our online store and discover customize rhinestone earrings models that will guarantee your style, whatever it is!