Customize Gold Necklace Manufacturer: Which is best for you?
November 08, 2021

Customize Gold Necklace Manufacturer
Parties or special events are important occasions for women to wear gorgeous outfits. Wearing beautiful jewelry, attracting all eyes depend on customize gold necklace manufacturer. Let’s admire 10 models of luxurious and sophisticated women’s necklaces for the evening party.

High-end fashion women’s necklaces

Fashionable stone necklace is a product for active and confident girls. The wish of every girl is to always want to stand out and be attractive in the eyes of the opposite person.

Customize gold necklace manufacturer Hung understands that, so he always brings the most sophisticated and luxurious designs. Highlight the beauty and grace of women.

Luxury gold women’s necklace

Customize gold necklace manufacturer luxury women’s necklace is inspired by the noble and noble beauty of ancient aristocratic women to give you the prominence and impression. Show off your high-class and glamorous fashion style. You will easily combine with gorgeous outfits to make yourself the center of the party.

Unique western gold chain

Unique western gold chain is an indispensable jewelry for girls with gentle and feminine style. It can be a sophisticated design, sophisticated but also very elegant and sophisticated. Help her become more confident and stand out. Attract all eyes and be the center of attention for every party.

Luxury women’s customize gold necklace with stones

Luxury women’s necklaces studded with high-grade diamond-shaped stones will be a very meaningful gift for her in important festivals and anniversaries at the end of the year. With a modern customize gold necklace manufacturer, it brings outstanding and youthful beauty to any girl who owns it.

High quality Italian gold chain with stones

High-class Italian gold chain studded with stones will be an indispensable accessory for women in year-end parties and festivals. Unique and sophisticated design helps girls become more confident and attractive in the eyes of men. Sparkling gems will help her shine and stand out.

Luxury women’s necklace in 18K gold

High-grade 18K gold luxury women’s necklace gives our girls confidence and charm. Along with the highlight are sparkling stones that will always attract all eyes. You will be the center of attention of every party because of the beauty exuding from the sophistication and refinement.



Luxury 18K gold chain

Luxury 18k gold chain is a new design of customize gold necklace manufacturer. The product is not only sophisticated and sophisticated in design, but also valuable because of its high quality 18K gold material. It is an indispensable product for any girl who loves fashion and style.

Luxury customize gold necklace with stones

Luxury gold necklace with stones provides the noble and noble beauty of ancient noble women. Combined with a youthful and modern style, it creates a masterpiece of jewelry. Give women an indelible mark in the eyes of the opposite person.

Stylish 18K gold chain

Stylish 18k gold chain is the perfect choice for women who have a strong style, like to stand out and want to attract all eyes. The customize gold necklace manufacturer design is youthful but equally luxurious and elegant. Surely this will be a product that many girls love and welcome.

Falling flower necklace with rhinestones


This is a very beautiful necklace for women. The pendant is made from 18K gold with sparkling stones, both luxurious and noble, and suitable for party outfits. A perfect design is both highlighting the white high neck and exuding a bright and seductive spirit. You can combine this necklace with dresses with bust cups that will be extremely beautiful and attractive.

The white gold trend is very popular right now. White gold is luxurious and easy to combine. The bright white color of white gold has a very light yellow luster of the original gold, giving jewelry a distinct soul and beauty. So what is white gold? Why should you choose white gold jewelry instead of silver?

Let’s join with customize gold necklace manufacturer to answer the above questions through the article below.

1. What is white gold?

White gold is an alloy of yellow metal and other metals. In which gold accounts for about 58.3% (14k gold) to 75% (18k gold), the rest are other precious metals such as: Palladium, Kiken, Platin…

Due to the processing, the yellow color of gold is no longer present. But instead is white, so it is called white gold. Although no longer yellow, white gold is still real gold and still has the same value as other types of gold.

White gold customize necklace

In customize gold necklace manufacturer, there is a rarer metal than gold, which is platinum. Platinum is a rare metal that is difficult to make beautiful jewelry. The successful making of white gold is a great success in the jewelry industry. Because it can replace Platinum but still retains its elegant and luxurious style and its pure and high beauty.

Customize Gold Necklace Manufacturer 2021

Customize gold necklace manufacturer was popular in USA around 1997. And to this day, jewelry made from this material is chosen by many consumers. There are two main types of white gold: 14k white gold and 18k white gold. But due to the more gold content, the whiteness of white gold decreases, so 18k white gold is not as beautiful as 14k white gold.

2. Properties of white customize necklace  

The properties of white gold depend on the percentage of metals added. Depending on the purpose of use, people will choose the appropriate metal to add. For example, white gold for rings, or pins, the metal that is added is usually Nickel.

Nickel has high hardness and is durable. For jewelry with gold alloy gems – soft and easy-to-drink palladium is the most suitable.

A more sophisticated way to create quality white gold is contacting customize gold necklace manufacturer. White gold will then increase mass and durability significantly. But making white gold alloy requires highly skilled craftsmen.

What materials customize gold necklace manufacturer use?

Mixing ratios of 90% and 10% Nickel are common mixing ratios used in the jewelry world. Copper can be added to increase the ductility of the material, and to reduce the copper color in white gold, zinc is used. In addition, white gold is mixed with gold (90%)-palladium-silver materials.

Summary customize gold necklace

The white of white gold is ivory white. To have a bright white color, it is necessary to add a layer of Rhodium (a rare metal worth 10 times more than pure gold) to create luxury and class for white gold.

After a period of use, customize gold necklace manufacturer jewelry will lose its original bright white color due to the loss of the cement layer; you need to go to the jewelry store to re-plating.