Where to find best customize drop earrings in 2022?
December 18, 2021

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customize drop earrings

Have you ever thought about leaving the house with mismatched customize drop earrings? The idea sounds pretty crazy, right? But the uneven earring is one of the main trends this year, and famous and it girls are walking around with a different earring in each ear. Since 2016, this fashion has only grown, and we have already been photographed with pairs of uneven earrings.

On our website you can find many uneven earring models. Take a look and find the ‘pair’ that suits you best. And if you’re in doubt about how to use the accessory, we’ll give you some ideas below!

1 – Asymmetric sizes

One of the great fashions in wearing uneven earrings is choosing pieces with totally different sizes. Katy Perry was one of the famous who adopted this style, as well as Scarlett Johansson.

In this case, the idea is to wear a long customize drop earrings, preferably in a chain or cascade style. On the other ear, you choose a small speck of light or a small detail.

In this way, one ear draws more attention than the other, giving an extremely modern and fashionista asymmetrical look. For that, choose colors that match your clothes and little models that are of the same material.

2 – Different colors of customize drop earrings

That was our choice for the Oscar red carpet. The actress wore a pair of earrings with models and gemstones exactly the same, but one was of pearls and the other of green stones, which matched the actress’ dress. This same trend also appeared in fashion shows.

Nowadays, it is easier to find pairs with this trend. The pair comes with two identical customize drop earrings, but in different colors. In our e-commerce you can find several earrings in this trend.

Earring Fish Colors Uneven

3 – Only one ear

This is a similar trend with asymmetrical sizes, but the idea is that one ear is completely without accessories. To use this trend, the tip is to choose very pretty and flashy models that match your outfit.

Emma Watson and Emilia Clarke were some of the famous people who used this model. Emilia opted for a beautiful cross-shaped earring. This style goes great with side hairstyles. Do hairstyle on the opposite side of the customize drop earrings, to value them.

4 – Earcuff customize drop earrings

Earcuffs are a wonderful earring design, perfect to wear with the uneven earring trend. This earring design features covering not only the hole but also other parts of the ear. Precisely for this reason, it is a model that has ample prominence and looks very elegant, especially combined with hairstyles with tied hair.

We’re almost changing seasons and there’s nothing better than changing our accessories to get in the mood. This spring, earrings in the shape of birds, leaves and flowers will be super-hot. We prepared this article for you to discover five flower earrings that will leave you in tune with the most charming season of the year. Follow up!

Flower Tie Dye Earring

Flower earrings are very interesting for the variety of designs they allow. Choosing a flower bud customize drop earrings is extremely poetic and elegant. It symbolizes the renewal of nature, inspiring rebirth and courage to face life.

Translucent Orchid Earring

customize drop earrings 2021

Nature can also inspire a lot of seduction and femininity. The orchid is the main representative of female beauty in nature, so it ends up being the ideal choice for women who feel dazzling. The orchid earring refers to spiritual purity and luxury simultaneously, but each color has a meaning. For example:

  • Yellow Orchid: success and prosperity;
  • Red Orchid: action impulse and mood;
  • White orchid: sincere feelings and innocence;
  • Black orchid: authority and power;

Choose the one that best suits your personality and delight everyone in the next season!

Tulip Ring and Stones

On our website you will find simply amazing tulip earring designs! They have a very strong presence. You can even choose different colors according to your mood; after all, the tulip is a flower full of symbolism.

The flower is always associated with the immense Dutch fields, representing several characteristics of nature that deserve to be exalted in spring, such as: tranquility, peace, light and deep love.

Hibiscus customize drop earrings

The hibiscus is a plant that, despite its apparent fragility, brings a lot of beauty in its flowers. The hibiscus flower customize drop earrings brings all the exuberance of nature to your looks.

Whether completely gold plated or enameled in the color of your choice, this model is the face of spring and, for sure, it will transform the most basic look into an unforgettable look!

Earring Mother of Pearl Crystals

We can’t forget spring nights, can we? And there’s nothing like uniting the beauty of flowers with the power of crystals. The customize drop earrings brings a lot of luxury to the looks, within the spring atmosphere.

During this magical season, nature provides us with incredible, fragrant and starry nights. This earring model manages to unite these characteristics very lightly. It’s worth having this separate pair to use next season!

Discover our collection

Spring makes us get in touch with nature and with that in mind we created the incredible Botanic collection. We need a connection to the nature that keeps us alive and healthy.

Get inspired and don’t forget to take care of whoever takes care of you and everyone you love.

Accessories are key pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. With the right items it is possible to transform any look. For the next season, they promise to rescue the fun and expressive style of the 70s, 80s and 90s, with lots of colorful colors and mixtures of raw materials.


The words retro and vintage will dictate fashion in the coming months and, not to be left out, check out the trends in colorful customize drop earrings to bet on next summer.

In addition to all the quality and good taste, with design accessories you will enjoy all the advantages of handcrafted jewelry.