Complementary and very charming customize diamond earring!
December 28, 2021

customize diamond earring
You may have read some posts about earrings here on the blog. Customize diamond earring are actually a style of pendants that you put on a bracelet and tell snippets of your story. They can symbolize moments with your family, pets, passing the entrance exam, memorable dates of dating or wedding and much more! The charm is in the sentimental value they bring with them.

Although the term “earrings” has become popular in recent years, the jewel has been known for over a millennium. It is believed that the first users of the jewel appeared in Egypt, when some people hung earrings to decorate, ward off evil spirits or demonstrate power.

A little Background of customize diamond earring

One a little more recent, in the 1960s and 1970s, the bracelet and pendants were made of gold. Today, most are made of sterling silver, which gives high quality and durability, and also makes the jewelry much more affordable. Do you have a trinket bracelet to call your own? Read on and see how it can tell your story!

Earrings: jewels that eternalize special moments

As we said, wearing earrings is telling your story through jewelry. You can perpetuate different moments and special people. So, whenever you want to remember a special day, just look at your bracelet.

And it’s really cool to show our #gratitude for so many amazing moments in life, isn’t it? The earrings are proof that you value each of the moments and dreams you’ve fulfilled — and you want to keep them forever! See the examples that we’ve separated so you can eternalize in customize diamond earring:

Customize diamond earring for professional achievements

We know how difficult it is to find that dream job, don’t we? It takes many years of study and work until professional recognition. And when he finally arrives, it’s time to celebrate (and make him eternal!). Graduation is one of those achievements.

When you pass the entrance exam or get the long-awaited scholarship, it seems that the job is finally over. On the contrary: it will be years of studying, reading, writing articles, seminars and much more. So, approval has that victorious taste that all the effort was worth it.

JK has customize diamond earring to symbolize its graduation and even for specific courses, such as wedding, and engagement functions.

And if you’ve also managed to pass a public competition, you’ll find your gem too — check out the police trinket for example!

Customize diamond earring for Professional Achievements


Another very special achievement that professional life gives us is the realization of dreams. Look at JK for earrings that symbolize the conquest of one’s home and car (and even the key to your new car!).

Health and wellness in focus

Taking care of your health is taking care of your physical, mental and even spiritual condition. It’s something your body needs and asks for all the time. When you find a physical activity that you really love, you notice significant changes in many factors in your life.

And if you love this self-care, you can also eternalize it in customize diamond earring.

At JK, you can find jewelry symbolizing his love for Pilates, that beach volleyball with friends, his boxing lessons to relieve the stress of work and meditation to start the day with everything. And, of course, register your healthy eating with these fruit earrings like: bananas , apples and pineapples !

That so dreamed and unforgettable trip

Travel is always unforgettable, isn’t it? You come back refreshed, with unique experiences and different cultures. It can be an international trip or even to the neighboring state, it doesn’t matter — it’s always possible to find sights or learn something different.

Travel silver earrings

Unforgettable trips need to be on your bracelet of life. JK has earrings for you to remember different moments! For example: that special trip with your love, your first passport, your love of flying , an unforgettable vacation in Italy with a ride in the traditional gondola.

Complementary and very charming customize diamond earring!

customize diamond earring 2022

There are also customize diamond earring that are not necessarily to remember a moment, but make the bracelet more charming, colorful with an excellent finish. They can be used when you still don’t know what to put on the bracelet or to give a “breath” between one trinket and another.

You may have heard that makeup should enhance and not disguise, much less hide your face, right? After all, when you look in the mirror you must recognize your natural and unique features!

How about then, using jewelry to enhance your beauty and thus give the deserved highlight to those who deserve it: YOU! Yes, a classic accessory that matches your style – no matter what it is – will match different looks and enhance your beauty.

Let’s face it: jewelry is an investment for life

Therefore, you can use them continuously, and on different occasions. In this post, we are going to discover 5 gems to enhance your natural beauty. But you can be sure of one thing: your ideal jewelry is available at JK. Enter the store and find the one that will give the perfect match with your beauty! Check out the suggestions we bring you:

Jewelry to enhance your natural beauty

Everything you wear as a garment or accessory in a way reflects your personality. You are free to use whatever makes you feel good and happy! See the tips of JK with 5 jewels to enhance your natural beauty:

Top 1. Light point earrings

Discreet, classic and timeless, the light point earrings is an elegant detail to enhance your natural beauty. After all, a jewel doesn’t need a lot of details to be chic, does it? The light point earrings is a silver cord with a simple pendant right next to your neck.

It’s closer to your face than a long string, for example, so it draws attention to your face. Oh, and you know what’s coolest? The light point earrings never go out of style! So when you get one, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll have looks to match it, or whether it’s going to be used sometime later.

Wear the customize diamond earring both at work and in everyday life and even at parties. For a very feminine outing look, pair your jewelry with a blouse with a gypsy neckline. Want to check out a model? Check out JK’s silver light point earrings.

Top 2. Earrings for the second hole

If before having an extra earring in your ear was synonymous with rebellion, today it is a discreet and modern way to wear jewelry to enhance your beauty. Today, earrings for the second hole are available in different shapes and symbols, to suit the most varied tastes and styles, whatever it may be. Here are some interesting options: