What advantages customize designer earrings provide?
December 18, 2021

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customize designer earrings

The customize designer earrings are a unique piece full of style, good taste and sophistication. This piece was developed taking inspiration from nature and with quality materials, which emphasize care and social responsibility. Furthermore, it is a unique, modern and full of meaning piece!

The hoop earrings are wild accessories that complement as few eye of any woman. There is no lack of reasons to invest in rings of any size and shape, especially when dealing with this piece as charming as the Lunar Ring.

What advantages customize designer earrings provide?

One of the main advantages of hoop earrings is that they can be used on different occasions and with the most diverse looks.

At work

The customize designer earrings combined with a more sober look, perfectly complements a look for working in more formal environments. In more informal environments, the earrings give that special touch combined with jeans and a T-shirt.

In the night club

One of the main advantages of hoop earrings is that the same piece can be used in different occasions. The Lunar Ring is an extremely versatile piece and can be used from work to party without the slightest problem.

A good tip for those who want to use the accessories at parties and parties is to combine it with that black dress and a high-heeled sandal. And fancy makeup! The more daring ones can also combine the Lunar Ring with some fake piercings for that striking look.

Day trips customize designer earrings

The customize designer earrings can also be used for day trips without the slightest problem. Combine the earrings with a print dress and a pair of flats for a casual and chic look.

On a date

The Lunar Ring is a piece full of style and sensuality, which makes it perfect to be used on a date. Match it with a dress, a pair of heels and rock! If you want to make your face stand out, tied hair is a good option.

In more formal environments

Hoop earrings can also be used in more formal occasions such as dinners and other night events, as they are elegant and timeless pieces. Combined with other classic pieces such as a beautiful necklace and/or a ring, they are luxurious and powerful.

Customize designer earrings in informal settings

Hoop earrings are also great accessories to add that up to that more basic look for daytime and informal events like gatherings at a friend’s house, family lunches or a barbecue.

For these occasions, it is interesting to combine the Lunar Ring with a pair of shorts, sneakers, a casual t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses. It gives relaxed, comfortable and stylish look.

How to acquire the customize designer earrings?

As you can see, the Lunar Ring, in addition to being a beautiful piece, is also a versatile piece that can be used with the most varied combinations and also on various occasions.

To purchase this unique and stylish customize designer earrings, just visit our online store.

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How to fix the broken earrings?

customize designer earrings 2021

As much as your earrings and accessories are of high quality, the continuous use and frequent handling of the pieces, over time, can end up resulting in breakage.

This is common and not a reason for you to discard a beloved piece. Moreover, fixing your broken earrings is possible and well worth it. In addition to the economy, it is sustainable and allows you to have longer pieces that you love to wear.

But how to repair these parts! Below, we have several tips that will help you.

Tips on how to fix broken earrings

Focus on task

What makes all the difference is the delicacy in handling the customize designer earrings to ensure that the gluing or assembly process is flawless. So take a moment to do this calmly.

If you were nervous because your jewelry broke, wait for this tense moment to pass before repairing. It’s important to be focused on the task at hand.

Which glue to use to fix customize designer earrings?

For the glue to work, it is necessary to use extra strong glue.

The use of glues that do not offer the necessary fixation can end up causing a new break or even defects in the piece.


Gluing process of customize designer earrings

Start by making sure the surfaces to be glued are properly clean and dry. Carefully apply to one of the surfaces. Use a brush so that enough glue is placed to glue, but not to overflow and damage the piece.

Bring the two parts together and press for at least 30 seconds, until they are fixed. Allow to dry for at least 1 or 2 hours. Only after this period can you remove excess glue. One product that helps with this function is customize designer earrings.

This process can be done for gluing various parts of the earring that may be broken, including pieces like the pearl earring where it can come loose from the stud.

How to save earrings from damage?

On hook earrings or earrings with earrings that could be damaged, it is possible to reassemble the earring using new rings. To do this, you will need to buy them at a jewelry and jewelry supply store. Remember that you need to buy the right measure. You can put the earring parts back in place with the help of pliers.

Amazing pieces we want to keep forever!

When we really like a piece, we want to have it in all the most special moments, don’t we? That’s why it’s so important to always consider fixing things before throwing away the items you love so much.

We know how much an accessory makes a difference in the look, and especially, how important it is when these accessories make us feel good.

And we know this because we produce pieces that enhance their essence and will leave you wanting to have them forever. Visit our website and see!