3 Best Customize Custom Earrings to Wear in 2022
December 18, 2021

Customize Custom Earrings
In recent years, some customize custom earrings trends have been accentuated in fashion that, instead of delimiting boundaries between seasons, mix elements of all of them. For example, a few years ago, clothing for fall and winter was simpler, as it emphasized comfort.

Now, we see elements combine, like short shorts with a long coat, for example. Or light fabric skirts with warmer socks. So, how about knowing other trends for the new season? Know everything and see what is here to stay!

Colors of customize custom earrings

Every year, companies in the fashion segment prepare a table of trends with colors for the season. Evidently, they are a basis for creating compositions, as the accurate tonality of trends is not always present in shop windows.

The fact is that color specialists pointed out the neutral, sober and discreet tones as the main ones of the year. In an age of pandemic and transition to a post-covid world, the naturalness and simplicity of the look will set the tone.

What customize custom earrings color should I use then?

Well, anyone! Just know that the runway trends are a bet on milder tones. For example, if you are going to wear red customize custom earrings, go for the softer shade.

To find out how accessories can exploit the trending colors for the new season, check out our design collection.

Leather for the coldest days

Leather is on the rise again, so if you like this fabric, know it’s time to get it out of the closet.

It can be present not only in clothing, but in accessories such as belts and necklaces.

Leather Earrings between Links

Leather shirts can match turtlenecks on cold days. If you don’t live in regions where the temperature is lower, shirt fabrics can be more rustic in texture, without necessarily getting too hot.

The rocker style also remains highly functional. Combine leather with sloppy pants, like destroyed one, and sneakers. No error.

In addition, several designers have already demonstrated that leather will be present in winter. Remember the Matrix look? Yeah: trend!

Animal Print

Yes, we’re not talking about customize custom earrings today, but we really can’t leave this pattern out just because it’s been around for some time.

It turns out that Animal Print has caught on so much that the market is continually offering new looks and compositions, as well as redesigning the print.

Chess Pattern on customize custom earrings

Another pattern that is showing up again is chess. Shirts, skirts, coats, pants… it doesn’t matter.

The idea for this season is to use different colors, create overlaps and, mainly, be guided by the colors of the season.

Shoulder pads

Those who keep an eye out for the catwalks and “fashion weeks” have noticed that the trend towards marked shoulders is quite strong. Those items that were very successful in past decades came back with everything.

Customize Custom Earrings 2021

Blazers, coats and even t-shirts bring the item that is loved and hated by many people. In addition, you will find a wide range of options, from the most subtle to the most extravagant.

Dot Trio Bracelet

The Color Block is one of those customize custom earrings trends that go beyond the world of fashion. From walls to motor vehicles, the trend is strong. In case you didn’t know, Color Block is the mixture of two intense colors in the same composition. Purple, red, dark blue… What matters is creating a vibrant contrast.

Combined with the sober tones that will be trending this year, it will certainly be easy to create a unique look.

3 discreet earrings that match your personality

That every woman loves and doesn’t give up a beautiful pair of earrings, everyone knows! After all, this accessory help from the simplest to the most sophisticated compositions of looks, making all the difference in women’s production.

But what you may not yet know is that, for sure, there is an earring that will match your personality. And today is the day to talk about discreet earrings that will match your style.

Curious to know if you identify with any option here! Keep following us and have a good read!

Starting with the classics: stud earrings

You sure as hell haven’t heard about the Stud customize custom earrings, but you sure as hell have already worn one.


You know that little earring that is normally a point of light and that is very close to the earlobe? So, this is the famous stud earring! Customize custom earrings are true jeweler classic that works as a wild card for any woman.

That’s because they can be used on any occasion, whether complementing other jewelry (such as more voluminous necklaces, which ask for smaller and more delicate earrings, for example), or even in everyday life.

Pearl hoop earring

Yes, the hoop earring can be super discreet; it all depends on the size of the hoop you choose! After all, we are talking about an earring that never goes out of style and that has gone through several reinventions.

And just like Stud, hoop earrings are also super versatile and can be used for any type of occasion. Furthermore, they can be easily adapted to a more relaxed look, as this is one of their most present characteristics.

And, if you haven’t had a hoop customize custom earrings yet, believe me: very soon it will be in your jewelry box… That’s because every woman will have a pair of hoop earrings at some point in her life!

Diamond Moissanite customize custom earrings


Delicate, romantic and modern; if we needed to summarize Diamond Moissanite earrings in three words, surely those would be the ones used. This is because we are talking about a piece that gives an air of sophistication to any production. Do you know the earring the bride chooses? It has great chances of being a Diamond Moissanite.

And, for those who still haven’t been able to visualize what v is: you know that earring that is glued to the earlobe, but goes up towards the top of the ear? This is nothing more, nothing less than an Earcuff.


You can choose your version, whether for everyday or for big events. Unleash your imagination and choose the discreet earring style that best suits your personality.

And do you know where you can find the best options for discreet earrings, different and that super match any type of style? Here in our store!