Customize 18k Gold Earrings Manufacturer: 3 Proven Tips
October 25, 2021

Customize 18k Gold Earrings Manufacturer
Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer
 touched the hearts of many girls the first time they saw it. It will be happy to wear on his hand an engagement ring that proves his love – the one who bears true love. What’s more, the ring is her own, which suits her best.

We have helped many couples do this and feel them in the most authentic way.

Heart shaped customize 18k gold earrings

High-class stone-studded engagement ring, with heart-shaped design, is a perfect choice to conquer girls from gentle to personality, bringing a romantic, sweet but no less delicate beauty.

From ancient times until now, the heart symbol still symbolizes a happy love; giving each other hearts is synonymous with the dedication of a complete love.

Halo heart engagement ring creates the highlight and attractive sparkle of the host stone.

Classic style customize 18k gold earrings

Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer has a classic design, a master bead on the ring case. The ring style has a timeless beauty that captures the hearts of every girl, even the most fastidious.

Engagement earrings bring gentle beauty, gentleness to the girl. The main stone attached to the ring will show all the inherent beauty. They are the most important highlight for the whole ring.

Floral design Customize 18k gold earrings

The engagement ring is inspired by the flower – a symbol for women. The girls are beautiful, gentle, gentle flowers. Taking flowers as the master for the design is a great idea to show the beauty and respect for women.

“Flower ring” – The design of a small, beautiful, and attractive flower makes her look like a beautiful flower. Not too fussy but still delicate, with the soft curving motifs of the ring model will color the femininity of the owner.

Small flower Customize 18k gold earrings

Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer is inspired by the blooming rose bud, symbolizing the girl in her most beautiful youth.

The design with 6 gently curved prongs wraps the gem in the middle, creating the feeling of a rose bud moving around and blooming into a brilliant rose in the sun.

Roses represent both a beautiful girl and a passionate love

The “ Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer is not only a jewelry that helps to preserve the youthfulness of a girl, it is also a wonderful Proposal Ring with a strong love for the half-loving half.

Choose the engagement ring with all your heart and sincerity in love. The ring will be the most perfect for her.

Reasons for combining Customize 18k gold earrings

The first reason is due to the geographical distance of the two families. Normally, the wedding ceremony must be held about 3-4 months before the engagement ceremony. The engagement ceremony is 1-2 months before the wedding ceremony.

Depending on both sides of the family agree to choose a date. If the geographical distance is too far, it will cause many obstacles to the travel process. If the family has elderly people, it will be very difficult and costly.

Why a professional Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer?

The second reason is best Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer, when organizing 2 ceremonies will take up a lot of time. The bride and groom have to prepare many things for the engagement and then the wedding ceremony. There are two processes to prepare. Many couples will easily fall into stress when having to do many things. For the case of the pregnant bride, this will not be convenient for the bride.

Choose a ring according to her style

An engagement ring is an engagement gift that a man gives to a girl to affirm his sovereignty and express his desire for a lifelong bond.


Contact expert Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer. She will wear them often to show respect and seriousness for the guy. The ring is like daily wear jewelry. Therefore, you should choose an engagement ring that suits her style. The ring helps the girl confidently show off her personality and affirms your delicate concern.

Tips for choosing an earrings


The engagement ring is worn on the hand to bring the beauty of flexibility and honor the beauty of the finger. The ring that suits her hand shape will be the perfect ring for her. You should look at 3 factors: length, thickness and knuckles when choosing a ring. Those with short fingers should choose strong rings and large stones. Thus, the fingers will look slimmer and more elegant.

Those with long fingers are suitable for thick bracelet designs, elaborate designs to enhance beauty. You should choose a ring model that has a balance and harmony with the finger.

Beautiful Earrings

Customize 18k Gold Earrings Manufacturer 2021

If her fingers are pretty slim, don’t choose a ring that’s too big and makes them unnecessarily heavy. The knuckles are also very important. Without a clear knot, the ring may slip more easily. Meanwhile, the big bumps can take all the attention, so choose a ring that stands out so that it doesn’t sink on the finger.

Activity level of Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer

Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer comes on the girl’s activity level to choose a perfect engagement ring style. If a girl likes to exercise, loves sports, choosing a ring with many stones will make her feel inconvenient, entangled and uncomfortable. Instead, you can choose a traditional ring with a master bead that will be more suitable.

Or the girl is a gentle person, working in the office, the rings with sparkling stones and sophisticated motifs will help her stand out more when sitting in front of the desk.

Habits of using jewelry

The final tip for choosing an engagement ring is based on your jewelry habits. Each girl has a different habit of using jewelry. Some people will wear jewelry often even when sleeping.

While there are some girls who only wear it when they go to work, go out, etc., and they are very careful when exercising, exposed to chemicals or doing heavy work to preserve the best jewelry.

Customize 18k gold earrings manufacturer determines the factor when choosing an earrings is very important.

Regular use is most likely to drop or shake the stone. When used for a long time, the ring will wear out and not keep its original shine and beauty.

Final Words

If she likes to wear rings all the time, choose stronger and thicker designs, quality ring materials. On the contrary, you can choose large diamonds set alone or diamond rings if she does not wear too often.