Tips to Choose the Perfect Customize 14k Gold rings Manufacturer
October 25, 2021

Customize 14k Gold rings Manufacturer 2021
The customize 14k gold rings manufacturer is a token of trust, it’s a declaration of your commitment. So when choosing this meaningful jewelry, we need to think carefully and make a serious decision. But wedding rings have many designs and materials, one of the most popular materials today is Platinum and White Gold, where are they different?

Platinum vs White Gold

Platinum wedding ring Wedding rings are brilliant symbols of love


White gold has been loved and favored by people for decades, but not everyone knows how it is made. Contrary to popular belief, white gold is not a pure white metal but a combination of many metals.

Platinum, on the other hand, has a natural white color and is much rarer than white gold. It is not mixed with any alloy and maintains its color.

Price of customize 14k gold rings manufacturer

At the present time, customize 14k gold rings manufacturer is about 40-50% more expensive than white gold because it takes more platinum to make a ring than White Gold and Platinum is also rarer than gold, which also contributes to its have higher prices.

Platinum and white gold wedding ring

However, it’s not all about the cost of buying a ring. While white gold may be easier and cheaper to buy at first, it needs to be replated every 5 to 10 years to retain its original color. So maybe platinum is more expensive at first, but it’s less expensive to maintain later on.

Reliability of customize 14k gold rings manufacturer

Because the wedding ring is something that the bride – groom will wear every day, it is important to ensure its durability over time. While Platinum is a purer metal and although heavier than gold, it is softer and more prone to warping and scratching than Gold.

When wearing a customize 14k gold rings manufacturer, the couple later has to have it polished and cleaned regularly to maintain a beautiful smooth appearance.

Regarding White Gold, wedding rings made with White Gold will be durable for everyday use. A mixture of other durable metals is added to strengthen and increase the durability of white gold.

Tips to choose the perfect customize 14k gold rings manufacturer

If you have all the knowledge above, you are ready to choose a perfect wedding ring for yourself and that special someone.

Now, let’s take a look at three more Mary tips that will help you make the right decision.

Choose platinum if you have sensitive skin

If your bride has sensitive skin, choose Platinum. Because it is possible for some people to have a nickel allergy, [and nickel] is part of the composition of white gold. Or if you like White Gold make sure neither of you is allergic to nickel.

Choose a reputable customize 14k gold rings manufacturer

Your customize 14k gold rings manufacturer is something that will stay with you for a lifetime, so make sure you buy it from a reputable and reputable place, this will also help you a lot later when you want to maintain or polish her wedding ring.

Through the above information, Marry hopes the future bride and groom will choose for themselves a satisfactory wedding ring and have a complete wedding.

If you are thinking and don’t know what gift to give her birthday in July, and then check out the article below by us. The article will help you have suggestions on the best gifts to buy.

Rings – confidently show off your personality


It is no coincidence that from a young age, many girls have their parents pierced their ears as a first way of beauty. Since then, earrings have become an indispensable jewelry for women. This privilege, only for women, and earrings will honor the beauty of the face.

Although it is a small highlight, the item is extremely powerful in making her more gorgeous. When necessary, a pair of small earrings with a simple design will bring sophistication to everyday styles, going out, going to work, walking on the street, … or a pair of earrings studded with stones will show pride.

Customize 14k gold rings manufacturer bring a new look to the stone earrings with a more personality, dynamic and modern direction.

Are earrings good choice?

Earrings are designed in the form of bud earrings, bringing the beauty of time, never out of fashion, because of the popularity and convenience that it brings to users. It is suitable for all faces, mix outfits and accessories quickly, suitable for all situations.

This is a very delicate gift for girls on their birthday. With beauty wishes, help her be more confident and always beautiful and proud in any situation.

Gifts worth buying for her birthday in July

Customize 14k gold rings manufacturer brings the beauty of time, never out of fashion

Women’s rings – flexible on each hand stroke

Rings represent strength, prosperity and pride. In the modern era, rings are very popular jewelry, especially among women. When they exude a graceful beauty on each finger, they are the highlight that attracts everyone’s attention when we – anyone pay attention to our hands.

Customize 14k gold rings manufacturer helps her express her own style and preferences and personality when wearing. The beauty and splendor are unmatched by the sparkling stone ring. Or the compact ring designs, sophisticated patterns. Or it can be a combination of wearing rings on different fingers to confidently show off your personality.

The gift brings self-worth and every girl is a perfect value. Help her express who I am and bring her beauty wishes to them.

adjustable rings

Summary customize 14k gold rings manufacturer

The beauty and splendor are unmatched by the sparkling stone ring

Customize 14k gold rings manufacturer can offer you a meaningful gift for the girl born in July. The collection is inspired by “Perfect versions”. Indeed, the ring brings the message to the wearer that: “Be the most perfect version”.

Girls should confidently do what they like, they want, express their own values, don’t have to live like anyone and live for anyone. Compare yourself, because we – women deserve to be “beautiful”.

Final Words

Sending this gift with the meaning of deep wishes, she will surely appreciate and be touched. Whether it’s a lover, soulmate, friend or family member, this gift will help you send your love to them.