Cleaning Your Moissanite Ring And Other Jewels
August 03, 2021

These methods will help keep your moissanite ring as new as the day you received it

The foundation of Jewelry depends slightly on the moissanite ring, being an earlier invention. The ring which came into exitance in 1893 is a French scientist, Henri Moissanite’s invention. The user often becomes confused when putting this material into effects. Nonetheless, moissanite and a diamond look quite similar but a certain portion of chemical properties set them apart. Hard like a rock but a colorless and elegantly beautiful gemstone it is, which makes it easy to work it off in the process of jewelry making. The crystal-clear element is tough though. Highly ranked as 9.25 second on the Mohs scale after diamond. The moissanite ring is a rarely existing component in the market. Proper maintenance and keeping the quality alive are quite easy in the case of a moissanite ring. Read more about cleaning services here

moissanite ring

Cleanliness At Home

To keep the beauty of a moissanite ring uplifted, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. Cleaning requires simple and easy steps. The users have essential choices to make in the process. Moissanite is a simple wipe-off with a help of warm water, mild soap, a toothbrush, or simply a soft cloth. By just simply dipping a moissanite ring in the soapy solution and gently massaging it off with a toothbrush will make it neat though. However, the user has to make sure it gives a nice finish while gently wiping on the no-go surface. By the end, a lint-free cloth rubbed against it to make it completely dry.

Commercial Jewelry Cleaners

Preserving jewelry for a lifetime is a bit of a hard task. Similarly, in the case of a moissanite ring which is a single timeless beauty that requires extra cleanliness. In case the user wants to step beyond a home remedy, it can switch to a commercial way. Apart from just making use of warm water and soap, one can make use of ammonia. The ammonia solution might seem rough and tough though but it is easy to use. Adding 1 part ammonia with double the water gets the solution right. Nonetheless, the natural and safest substance is not sensitive to the skin. In that case, the user can make use of goggles and gloves. Simply, the moissanite jewelry is let free in the solution. Then simply with the help of a soft brush, soap, and running water the user makes it to fine solid finishing. In the process, the user has to make sure it is undertaking the process quite in an airy environment.

Moissanite And Ultra Sonic Cleaners

Sometimes the most effective cleaning methods can prove to be a little too dangerous. This is in the case when a moissanite ring requires an ultrasonic cleaning method. Nonetheless, the method comes clean as it freshens up the beauty of the stone. The reflection and beauty are naturally revived. The intensity of vibrations is what reflects the beauty of the stone. This is a positive side of the machine. Another way round is the negative effects of the cleaner. The setting of the stone determines the cleaning process. In case the stone is fitted in a pave setting then the ultrasonic cleaner can show its side effects. It can simply let the small stones fall out of place.

Things To Avoid:

Harmful Chemicals

The beauty of a moissanite ring remains intact when making use of the right chemicals. The hard and very harsh chemicals will destroy the luxury. Therefore, it is pertinent for the user to make sure it is using the right type. Things like hair spray, chlorine, cosmetics, and household detergents will mess up with the stone. This will add grime and reduce the shine of the stone.

Placing Moissanite with Other Jewelry Items

As known earlier, the moissanite ring has a rough surface. Right before, it leaves a scratch on the other softer gemstones it is ideal to store it separately. The stone is, therefore, best in a fabric-lined jewelry box. Otherwise, a separate pouch is suitable for ring storage.

Rough Exposure

The virtual exposure of a moissanite ring is rough and tough though. While hitting on a hard surface, the material substance remains in shape. But this does not mean that it does not cause any damage. To be on the safer side, it is best to take off rings when coming in contact with physical activity. This includes sports, gardening, hiking, etc. By doing this it is likely to take over massive damage control.

Is Moissanite Getting Cloudy?

The moissanite ring is internally protected. The ring has a firm layer that naturally avoids it getting too and over cloudy. Nonetheless, the inexpensive diamond-like cubic zircona gets a little cloudy with time. Whereas, on the other hand, the moissanite features a filmy surface. This is the layer of dirt and grime that gets an easy cleaning.

 Moissanite Oil Stick

Jewelry stains are something that can come and go in a while. Similarly, a moissanite ring at times gets oily. This specific layer of oil is not permanent. It is a removable stain just by effective cleaning. The oil slick as it is known is rainbow stains that can appear on the surface. The best way to remove it is by using a toothbrush and silver polish. Adding a layer of silver polish on a speck of fine brush dust off the oil. The natural beauty is restored.

moissanite ring

Fixing The Dirt

To keep away the dirt hopping on the jewelry items especially on a moissanite ring it is important to follow a few simple steps. These are the following:

  • The delicacy in the jewelry items is something that needs to look after. Therefore, the user must make use of the right detergents. This specifically includes the use of a mild liquid soap cleaner. A moissanite ring is thus let free in the mixture of warm water. After which the jewelry is left to air dry. Other options include the use of a paper towel and hairdryer.
  • In case the dirt remains intact then the user can make use of the commercial cleaning method. This is where the user has the option of switching to a non-toxic commercial cleaner. The method is effective as it easily curbs out the dirt and film present on the jewelry.

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