6 Suggestions for Cleaning Up Your Jewelry
October 12, 2020

Clean Your Jewelry

We have collected the top products that will help in the care of precious materials and jewelry.

To ensure that the jewelry does not lose its attractive appearance, it is necessary to take care of it regularly. But precious stones, metals, and even simple jewelry are quite capricious, so each type of jewelry needs its own way of cleaning.

1. Using dishwashing liquid

Dilute a couple of drops of regular dishwashing gel in water and prepare a soapy solution. In this solution, jewelry made of gold, as well as inlaid with diamonds, is perfectly washed. By the way, diamonds are a kind of “magnet” for fat, so dishwashing detergent is perfect for adding shine.

In general, soapy water is ideal for cleaning almost all types of jewelry. Even capricious stones feel good with such water. More “simple” products, for example, the same diamonds or gold, can be rubbed with a soft cloth, others can be folded into a sieve or onto the cheesecloth and rinsed with cold clean water, while more “capricious” items just need to be laid out on a towel and wait until they dry out on their own …


2. Using ordinary warm water

This is the most gentle method that suits the most capricious stones, for example, emeralds, sapphires, and topaz. These minerals are very easily deformed, cracked, and tarnished, so the method for self-cleaning should be the simplest and without mechanical impact. Emeralds can be rinsed again after the “shower”, and sapphires and topaz just need to be laid out on a cloth to dry out.

3. Using a soft cloth

Some types of jewelry need to be wiped clean after each wear. If you do not do this, then, for example, pearls may tarnish and turn yellow (by the way, pearls should be stored only in a horizontal position so that the pearl remains of the correct round shape). A soft, clean cloth is suitable for this care. It can be used to remove sweat, grease or perfume from the surface of the jewelry. If you do this regularly, the surface will not turn yellow or tarnish.

4. With the help of alcoholic beverages

You can use both pure alcohol and strong alcoholic drinks. We are talking specifically about drinks of high strength and without color. The excess pigment can negatively affect the tone of the stone or metal. And the strength is important in order to most effectively remove grease and dirt. Light drinks cannot achieve the desired effect.

The alcohol is applied to a soft cloth and passed over the surface of the decoration. Do not rub or press hard – you can damage the upper glossy layer.

5. Using ammonia

This component works well in a soapy water solution. A tablespoon of ammonia is mixed with a liter of water and a soap solution prepared from a proportion of 3 drops of liquid soap to half a glass of water. You do not need to add more than half a glass of such a solution.

In this composition, the products are carefully washed, after which they are rinsed again with running water and dried. If you want to clean blackened items, for example, made of silver, then this method will not work for you.

6. With the help of turpentine

This method works in the same way as alcohol cleaning. Turpentine is applied to a tampon or soft cloth, and the product is wiped gently. This method perfectly cleans gold jewelry or gilded items. With the help of turpentine, all the dirt can be removed from the surface.