How to choose earrings jewelry according to your face type?
September 23, 2021

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Do you also suffer when choosing the Ideal earrings jewelry for your type of face? Just take a look down here…

The s accessories are details that make all the difference in the composition of the final look. In particular, the earring, a semi-jewel favorite of many women, therefore serves to frame the most different types of face.

For the set to be harmonious, it is necessary to find out which earring matches the shape of the face, enhancing its features. Of course, all are free to use what suits you; however, there are a few ways to bring out what is most beautiful in each one.

Earrings jewelry face type

In this post, we’ll help you identify how to combine earrings jewelry with the most different types of face. Follow with us!

Understand what your face type is

First of all, you need to identify what type of face you have. Look carefully at the proportions of the face in a mirror, and any questions just call me, okay? Below, I will cite the predominant characteristics of each. Check out!

Oval face

This face has a slightly elongated shape, the forehead is slightly wider than the chin, and the jaw lines are more rounded.

Round face

The width and length are the same. The angles are not very well defined and the jaw lines are well rounded.

Square face

It has balance in its shape and well-defined angulations. Forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same width.

Inverted triangle face

It has a shape similar to a funnel. It is wider in the forehead region and thinner in the chin region. Generally, it is good for earrings jewelry.

earrings jewelry 2021

Diamond face for earrings jewelry

It’s very similar to the inverted triangle shape. Its difference is in the cheekbones that are more prominent in this shape.

Rectangular or oblong face

The lateral lines are straight and well defined, as are the jaw lines. The forehead tends to be the same width as the jaw.

Choose the ideal earrings jewelry for the various types of face

Round face earrings

To enhance the round types, the ideal is to opt for earrings with a different geometric shape; after all they help to elongate the face. Bulky ones tend to emphasize the width.

Earrings for oval face

Whoever has an oval face does not need to worry about proportion, as it is the most symmetrical face among all shapes. So use and abuse trends!


Square face earrings

For square types, the most suitable earrings are medium-sized, round and with thin pendants. If you choose the long ones, they should end at chin height, even more if the intention is to attenuate the volume of the jaw.

Inverted triangle face earrings jewelry

The secret to harmonizing this type of face is to add volume to the jaw area. Thin earrings jewelry in the ear region and with stones along the length performs this function.

Diamond face earrings

Small or medium size earrings go great with these types of faces. Oval and triangular shapes are excellent.

Rectangular earrings for the face

To harmonize the features of this face shape, the choice should be for small and medium earring models, concentrating the volume close to the ear, drawing attention to the upper part of the face.

Finally, the choice for the ideal earrings jewelry should consider, in addition to the types of face, clothing and environment. Thinking of the whole set will make the choice more suited to your personality and the occasion.

Fashion: The 2021 earrings jewelry

The 2018 fashion earrings and accessories were beautiful pieces that left the most modern looks. But 2018 is coming to an end (the year flew by, right?). We are already eyeing what will be the trend in 2019. So, in this post we are going to talk about 2021 earrings so you can start rocking right away! Come on?

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are trends that never go out of style! But now in 2018 and 2019, the rings appear with a different face than the classic plain hoop earrings jewelry. Before the maxi rings were simple and part of the main fashion trends, but now the 2019 earrings are more elaborate and unusual rings.

The super advantage of betting on rings is that they are versatile earrings and go with everything, in addition to bringing a lot of femininity and style to the looks. So, in 2019, use and abuse the rings:

Big earrings jewelry for Hollywood Celebrities

The maxi earrings or big earrings jewelry are already our darlings in 2018 and will be even more successful next year! The trend is that large and even huge earrings will be part of everyday looks and even for more formal compositions.

On the Ralph Lauren catwalk at New York Fashion Week, model Gigi Hadid abused this trend, where she paraded with colorful maxi earrings that perfectly complemented the look, with her long strapless dress.

The big earring trend was also highlighted at Milan Fashion Week, in fashion shows such as Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino. In the street and casual style, large, golden earrings with asymmetric shapes make the compositions more fun.

Golden earrings for Women

This is definitely the year of the golden one! On the catwalks and streets, what we see most are golden semi-jewels, they have been one of the greatest sensations in fashion. So, if silver or rhodium plating was an indispensable classic, now it’s the turn of gold, the turn of gold. The nobility of the 18k gold plated can complement the coolest to the most formal looks.

So, invest in golden earrings jewelry, they are one of the darlings of 2019 earrings. Golden earrings can appear in maxi, asymmetrical, hoops and gemstone versions.

If you want to hit 100% on the perfect accessory to close any look with a gold key, bet on golden rings or maxi earrings.

Earrings jewelry: Make your look more modern!

Today’s colorful earrings jewelry has been part of the collections of various jewelry stores and modern designers all over the world. Usually, colored earrings mix the colors of two or more stones, creating a fun piece with a touch of modernity.


Everything indicates that the trend of colored earrings jewelry is here to stay. So, a good way to get used to this fashion is to opt for semi-jewels that you are already confident to wear, such as the ring with colored gemstones.

She has the charm of colorful earrings, but it’s still a classic earring. And when you’re familiar with the trend, you can go for more modern colored earrings like ear cuffs.