Buying Sophisticated Gold Plated Jewellery Wholesale Online
July 06, 2021

Introduction To gold plated jewellery wholesale

Jewellery is not just some insignificant thing, and it holds utmost importance. It’s one of the most popular gift items. You give jewelry as a gift on many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Days, Fathers Days, Christmas, or just random gifts for your loved ones like friendship charm jewelry. Jewelry is what brings life to our lifeless outfits; no matter how fancy an outfit without jewelry, it feels incomplete.

gold plated jewellery wholesale

But jewelry is not always fancy; there are many different types of jewelry in the market, each type suitable for various dress codes and occasions. One of the many kinds of jewelry is gold-plated jewelry. It is a type of jewelry made out of standard metal like brass or copper with a very light layer of gold (0.05% actual gold or less) on top of it. The thin layer of gold is plated onto the base metal to create gold-plated jewelry.

Not all the trendy jewelry you see on the internet is available in the local markets. Moreover, in the time of the pandemic, most people prefer to shop online. But what are the trusted websites from where we can buy jewelry at wholesale rates? In this article below, we discuss the websites where you can purchase wholesale gold plated jewelry.

JK. Jewellery: The Best Gold Plated Jewellery WholeSale Supplier 

JK Jewellery is a wholesale jewelry manufacturer based in China. They manufacture original and high-quality jewelry that includes gold-plated Necklace, bracelets, Rings, and Earrings. The company hase a wide variety of gold-plated jewelry to choose from, and large stocks are available for the customers. They have an experienced sales team which will provide you a quality service.

They offer shipment of products from China to any parts of the world. There is free shipping in the USA, UK, Spain, France, Australia, and Russia. For other countries, they offer free shipping for orders over 100 USD. They have a 30-days refund policy. The available shipping options are T/T, West Union, and PayPal.


Nihaojewlery is a professional supplier of fashion jewelry and accessories based in China. They have many gold-plated wholesale jewelry designs available on their website, including gold-plated necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. There is no minimum order quantity requirement. Nihaojewelry provides shopping services with reducing costs and higher quality.

They offer a 7-day exchange or return policy. There are various payment methods available, including PayPal, credit card, western union, MoneyGram, and Bank Transfer, depending on your location.

925 Silver Jewelry

925 Silver Jewelry is a wholesale jewelry supplier based in Thailand. They are originally the silver jewelry wholesale online store. However, they have many kinds of jewelry, including gold-plated jewelry.  They also have gold-plated silver jewelry, which has real 14K gold and electroplating. Their jewelry includes Necklaces, Dangle Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Stud Earrings, Bracelets, Nose Jewelry, Pendants, Rings, and much more.

They have a minimum order price that is 199USD, but there is no minimum quantity order. Moreover, they offer free worldwide shipping on orders over $399 and up to a 20% volume discount. They accept PayPal, all Major Credit or Debit Cards, and TT Bank Transfer for payment methods.

Fantasy world jewelry

Fantasy World Jewelry is a wholesale jewelry supplier that has experience of over 20 years. They have a variety of gold-filled and gold electroplated jewelry. They allow the exchange and return of damaged items anytime. The minimum wholesale order is 100$


PRJewel is a high-quality jewelry manufacturer based in China. They have experience of more than ten years. Their wholesale gold-plated jewelry uses German Umicore electroplating technology; therefore, high quality is guaranteed. They do free shipping worldwide on orders over 30 USD. They also offer an original 14-days return policy that extends till 30-days.


Kaashusa is a wholesale jewelry supplier based in Los Angeles, USA. They have more than 10,000 products with many variations in them. Their products are mainly the wholesale of gold-plated jewelry. They have a minimum purchase order of $100, and they provide free shipping for orders over $150 (within the United States). All the orders are final here, so there is no exchange or return policy.


Made-in-China is another wholesale jewelry supplier based in China. They provide services for Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers and providing one-stop services for promoting international trade between the two sides. They have more than 40 million pieces of product information from 27 industries.


Alibaba is a trendy wholesale supplier based in China that ships orders worldwide. The website has been well-established since 19 years. You can find anything and everything here that you can think of, including wholesale gold-plated jewelry. There are many suppliers, so you will have to look for the right one for you. You can easily find suppliers and contact them freely and negotiate with the sellers. There are numerous payment methods available depending on your country. You can refund and return products as well.

gold plated jewellery wholesale

About Gold-plated jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is very budget-friendly but gives you the feeling of authentic gold jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry is produced much cheaper but has the appearance or real gold because of the thin plating of gold onto the base metal of jewelry. This type of jewelry is very easy to manufacture. Due to the sky-high prices of pure gold jewelry, gold-plated jewelry are more common in the fashion market because they are very affordable. Gold-plated jewelry is much stronger than pure gold jewelry as it is made from many hard metals.

However, keep in mind that since the jewelry is gold-plated, it is fragile in a way that the thin layer of gold can be damaged or rubbed off. So make sure you take your gold-plated jewelry off after wearing it, do not sleep or shower with it. Wipe you jewelry with soft cotton cloth to remove moisture and keep store in dry places, separate from other normal jewelry. If you find it hard to clean your gold-plated jewelry yourself, go to a professional jeweler for cleaning purposes.