Body Jewellery Wholesale Buying Guide
June 26, 2021

Amongst the leading names Smithsonian and American craft show are the top contenders

The normal trend that deals with the body jewellery wholesale business concern the business people rather than a single consumer. It is because people usually avoid buying body jewellery in a bulk quantity. The reason is that a piece of bulk jewellery for a single consumer is of no better use. on the contrary, customers like to buy the jewellery that matches their choice, use, and be different. The jewellery in bulk, however, when we buy comes in same shapes and designs nevertheless with in different or same colors. Therefore, the practice of buying the body jewellery in bulk is ultimately beneficial for the people who are doing business. The wholesale market for body jewellery consequently is best for business people.

body jewellery wholesale

Furthermore, it is also not a compulsion for a business to start from huge orders. You can even run the body jewellery business on small wholesale orders. Read more

Buying Guide for Body Jewellery Wholesale

Of Shakespeare, who beautifies the essence of man through the use of beauty, the value of body jewellery wholesale becomes more critical. He says in his famous quote that the bowl full of rare jewels is rich and exquisite in their form that ultimately enhances human value. And we believe that there is no one dare to challenge this Shakespearean thought. It furthermore is a literal truth that precious jewelry worth the value and spending of gold and carrying heavyweight.

It, therefore, becomes primitive truth that man is and has been discovering many ways to enhance its beauty. However, the most prominent and appreciated forms are beads and baubles. Over time in human history, human himself has greatly transformed his choice of jewelry too.

Nowadays the fashion and attraction towards a rare and exquisite beauty ornament have become a unisexual phenomenon. It is no longer a possession of effeminate groups. Starting from lip rings, studs, necklaces, and earrings, the business of wholesale jewelry gets a new height. Businesses are spending a lot of effort, material, revenue, and energy in terms of marketing. However, for young entrepreneurs, finding a perfect and reliable one could be a complex issue. For this reason, hence, there are a few tips to follow. Nonetheless, deep field research is also pertinent.

Traditional Wholesale Jewelry

Whenever we talk about wholesale or bulk buying, either from a vendor or an actual manufacturer is famous as a body jewellery wholesale business. However, the selling methodology of each wholesaler could be different. Some of them are maybe in a habit of selling through physical stores, some through online stores, and others using an auction method. But the modern method which is way more convenient and sustainable is buying these items through online shopping. This thereby allows the user to buy without stepping out of their comfort zones.

Furthermore, online shops are helpful where a buyer can inspect the item. One also can do much detailed research about the exact piece one is looking for. Nevertheless, in most cases the primary benefit of using online shopping for body jewellery wholesale allows the customer to choose the specific pieces.

This method allows the physical stores to adapt to online shopping and helps make shopping a much comfortable experience. In addition to this, there are no specific rules or boundaries for shopping. Buying and selling from these stores are helpful even if you are looking for a simple nose pin or stud to an expensive diamond.

One of the good and successive examples of these stores is Amazon or eBay. Also, by going through a variety of blogs, there is a lot that one can learn before buying jewelry. Last but not least is the availability of the stock in physical stores. It happens that most of these stores lack new designs. Nonetheless, the online stores have them in abundance. For this reason, hence, buying and selling for jewellery dealers and wholesalers is much easier respectively.

Wholesale Jewelry for Body Piercing

With the rise in demand for traditional body jewellery wholesale, there is one more rising trend. And this trend is way contemporary in the world of fashion. This fashion is also in application to make the body look attractive and adorning. It is famous for Belly and Lip piercing jewelry. As the name suggests, one inserts this jewelry using a pierced hole. However, the types and variety of this jewelry differ a lot.

They come in I variety of shapes that eventually depends upon the part of the body. Therefore, there are specific piercing items for nose, eye-brows, lips, belly, face, ears, nipples tongue, and navel organs. In addition to this, it also includes jewelry for the most sensitive parts of the body as well. the purpose consequently for each piece is to enhance the bodily pleasures.

The selection of this type of body jewellery wholesale depends upon the choice and demand of the customers. It is because not all people are a fan of all types of piercing jewelry. Therefore, a little detailed research is necessary before actually buying this type of jewelry in bulk.

These items come in a variety of materials. However, metal and plastic are the most common material for piercing jewelry. Also, some of the items are plain and some carry spikes or studs as well. with material size and metal type also varies. Gold, silver, and titanium are the common types of metals. The variety of this jewelry for wholesale business is astounding and endless.

Final Guidelines


These are just a few things to remember and ponder over before buying the body jewellery wholesale items. Consequently, the task becomes more difficult if one is not familiar with the dos and Don’ts of the jewelry business. Some questions like Setting New Business (whether a physical store or online stores), Basic Requirements for bulk orders, Is there any membership or not? Which seller is best and reliable? These are some of the points that one must carefully search in detail before starting the new wholesale jewelry business. After detailed homework on these questions will make things easier.