Beware Buyers-Gold Vs Gold Plated Rings
July 29, 2021

The Gold vs. Gold Plated Debate

Women love jewellery in general but are particularly fond of gold jewellery. The most prized possessions for any woman are her jewels and gold. The elegance offered by gold jewellery is incomparable. No other jewellery adds classiness to your overall look the way gold jewellery does. However, gold jewellery is not easily accessible. The primary reason for inaccessibility is the high price tag. Gold jewellery tends to be expensive.

Gold jewellery is though a bit pricey but tends to last a lifetime. It also acts as an asset. This is primarily why people readily invest in gold jewellery. However, not everyone can afford to buy gold. This is why gold-plated jewellery exists.

Gold Rings

Gold-plated jewellery does not last as long as gold but is considerably longer than non-precious metals. It looks and feels quite similar to gold yet ends up saving a lot of bucks. However, nothing can be comparable to real solid gold.

Tricked into buying gold plated ring as a gold ring

Have you ever come across someone who has purchased gold jewellery off the internet or from a random store only to watch it tarnish in a small period? Have you ever bought a gold ring only for it to eventually lose color? Well, here’s the thing; gold does not lose color.

Gold plated jewellery is often guised as gold. However, the two terms are not interchangeable. Gold and gold plated are two entirely different things. Differentiating the two can be a tad bit difficult for novices but here is a piece of advice to make it easier for you.

Gold plated rings ought to be significantly cheaper than solid gold rings. However, some manufacturers tend to charge the same rates as gold for gold-plated rings.

Even if you are a tad bit dubious about the ring you are purchasing, verify the status. The quickest way to check is to check the gold marking. Mostly the jewellery is marked or stamped.

Some of the common gold stampings are as follows:

  1. GP stands for gold plated
  2. GEP stands for gold electroplated
  3. RGP stands for roll gold plated
  4. HGE/HGP stands for heavy gold plated

However, sometimes the markings aren’t present. The absence of markings is not an indication of the product being solid gold.

Professional jewelers do not rely on the markings. They perform acid tests to verify the results. Another test performed by the professionals is the scratch test. Both these tests are more reliable indicators of the status of the metal being used.

Is Gold Plated just as Good as Solid Gold?

Solid gold rings are made entirely of gold. The composition of the gold alloy may vary. However, it is for sure through and through the gold alloy. The gold plated however is compose of a non-precious metal coated with a thin film of gold.

Solid gold rings are composed of gold alloys ranging from 10k to 24k. The gold-plated rings are composed of base metal, for example, brass, copper, or nickel-coated with a layer of gold on top.

Are you wondering whether gold plated is just as good as solid gold? The short answer would be, no. Gold plated outwardly appears to be gold. It also happens to be a lot cheaper than solid gold. However, there is no way gold-plated rings can be compared to solid gold rings. Truly, all that glitters is not gold

Why Should You Steer Clear of Gold Plated Rings?

Gold-plated rings have plenty of cons. The only benefit is the initial cheap price. However, in the long run, gold-plated rigs prove to be expensive. Gold plated rings are bound to tarnish and lose color. Once the gold plating is lost and the cheaper metal shows through, the beauty of the ring is lost. To restore the former glory, the ring requires being re-plated. Finding someone who replates the gold and investing in replating can be a tedious task.

Unlike gold jewellery, gold-plated jewellery cannot be worn all the time. The plating wears off at a faster pace upon wearing regularly.

Gold allergies are infrequent. However, non-precious metals particularly nickel cause frequent allergies. Allergy-prone individuals should stay farther away from gold-plated jewellery.

Why Gold Rings are the Real Deal?

Are you looking for a timeless piece of jewellery? Do you want an heirloom piece of jewellery to cherish for years to come or Do you want your ring to stand the test of time? Do you want to wear your ring frequently? If the answer to all these questions was in affirmation then a gold ring is your best bet.

Gold jewellery stays put after years of rigorous use. It neither loses color nor fades away. You would not have to run to your goldsmith to fix the color or look of the ring. The best part is that you could pass on the ring to your kids and turn the gold ring into a family heirloom. The gold ring will also always be a valuable asset for you.

After all these revelations, why would you even be remotely interested in anything other than a gold ring?

Gold Rings Recommendations for You

JK Jewellery Company endorses the idea of timelessness in their notion of growing up gracefully together. The brand also believes in delivering what it promises. The jewellery labeled solid gold is solid gold. It can also be verified from other sources. The originality and authenticity of JK Jewellery have been long established.

Here are some products for all the gold rings enthusiasts. All these products are evident of fine craftsmanship and quality.

1. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 8-8.5mm Freshwater Pearl 0.162 CT Diamond Fashion Ring

A solid gold ring available in 10k, 14k or 18k variants, studded with diamonds and pearl. The design is timeless and so is the product.

2. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 0.98 CT Diamond Fashion Ring

A simple yet classy band-style ring studded with 0.98C diamonds. It is available in 10k, 14k, or 18k gold depending on your budget and preference.

Gold Rings

3. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 1/6 CT Diamond and 1CT Moissanite Ring

A halo ring embedded with diamonds and moissanite is available in 10k, 14, or 18k gold variants. This is the perfect balance of modern and vintage style jewellery.

4. 10K/14K/18K Gold with 0.10 CT TW Diamond and 0.80 CT moissanite fashion ring

If you are looking for a gold ring but also want a pop of color, this is the product for you. The central 0.80 Moissanite can be customized to a color of your choice. The choice of colors is green, red, sapphire blue, and silver.