Which are the best tassel earrings to sell customers?
September 23, 2021

tassel earrings
Tassel earrings
 are responsible for adding light and helping to create a frame for the face. In the past, pressure models were more common, as virtually no one pierced their ears. However, over the years, more and more interesting and differentiated models have emerged to adorn them.

Therefore, regardless of the types of earrings, you need to have a good variety to please your customers. Thus, we have gathered, in a single text, some valuable tips to sell these accessories that are so sought after in the market. Take advantage of the ideas below!

Learn more about tassel earrings types

The tassel earrings are classic pieces. Although each year one style prevails over the others, it pays to have at least one pair to match your outfit. The most popular ones are medium-sized and thin-rimmed. They can be found in silver or gold, so it will depend on the customer’s taste.

In this case, the rule is simple: the larger the hoop, the thinner the hoop should be. This prevents the look from getting too heavy. Usually, smaller and thicker models tend to be preferred by older women, while jovial people choose larger pieces or ones with pendants.

Anyone who has more than one ear hole can use rings of varying sizes distributed between the spaces, or invest in several smaller and thinner ones. The result will be very stylish and current.

Invest in so-called light points

Spots of light are essential earrings in women’s wardrobes. They match any occasion, from a casual stroll to an elegant party, so they add femininity and a luminous focus to the whole.

The preferred ones are the transparent tassel earrings, but you can also offer some colored pieces. Just emphasize that the earring color should match your makeup and outfit. And that doesn’t mean that they should be the same color, just that they should form a harmonious whole.

Bet on small and short tassel earrings

The small tassel earrings are delicate, discreet and create a subtle charm in the productions. They can be used in different ways, both in the second ear hole and in the first. Have, in the display, some traditional models, such as polka dots, hearts and stars. However, also look for other fun and unusual formats.

When it comes to selling, these earrings are usually successful, as they are economical and ideal for different everyday situations, such as work and social events with little formality. In addition, even those customers who are not adept at using the accessories usually have some pairs of these models.

Present the ear cuffs

The ear cuffs are types of earrings that catch the whole ear and can be used on only one side or both, but never go unnoticed. There are several versions of these proposals for earrings, from the most delicate to the most striking.

The best-sized and less daring ear cuffs can be used in your daily life, at dinners and at happy hour with friends. Those “powerful” are better at night parties and ballads. And don’t forget they are the main stars of the productions, right? Therefore, it is worth pointing out that, when using an ear cuff that is flashier, it is worth opting for the other accessories in a more discreet way.

tassel earrings 2021Don’t forget the maxi tassel earrings

Maxi tassel earrings are on the rise and can’t be missing from your collection. Gather those with fringes, mandalas or gemstones, which are very interesting and eye-catching pieces that should be worn by bold and full of personality women!

In everyday life, silver models tend to draw less attention, especially if the client’s hair is long. Overnight, they should be in evidence. The only question to assess here is the height of the consumer. People with short necks or short stature should be careful not to choose a piece that flattens their silhouette.

Which are the best tassel earrings to sell customers?
There are many types of earrings you can sell to your customers. However, to be successful, it is useful to understand your preferences well.

From there, it will be much easier to bypass any objections, as you will be able to present a real and valid solution to what is sought. Improve your service, identify the profile of your customers and learn to listen. You’ll see how your sales take off!

Women’s tassel earrings are essential to complete a production and, added to other accessories, help women to compose a new style every day.

If you’ve decided that in 2017 you’re going to keep your self-esteem up there, you’ve already started off on the right foot!

See now our tips on which earrings to wear on different occasions.

What Earrings to Wear with 80 Look?


The style of the 80s and 90s is back and if you still haven’t found anything that fits this type of production, it’s worth taking a look at the thrift stores in your city.

The below-the-knee-length dresses fit the trend perfectly, flats are ideal for summer, large bags in neutral tones go well with everything, and the two chosen accessories have a more pompous style that makes the production look simple, without being relaxed.

We also included a bracelet in the production, so as not to leave the arms too empty, as the dress has no sleeves.

What Earrings to wear on a Daily basis?

Short Jeans, white tank top, colorful flats and large tassel earrings are enough for you to go straight from the mall to your boyfriend’s house or go to a restaurant for lunch with a friend.

Large earrings appear in this production to, once again, not let the stripped look “messy”.

If you are already a fan of accessories, you can put on a delicate bracelet (or more than one, if you prefer) to complete the look – you can mix materials and colors at the time of closing the combination.

What tassel earrings to wear at a Party?

Anyone who thinks that every party production has to be uncomfortable is wrong.

In this heat, elegant is to be comfortable. Bet on models that have details on the waist and free your lap and arms from the sleeves.

In accessories, you can bet on pearl tassel earrings. They are discreet, elegant and go with messy buns and braids, and look great on women who have very short hair.

Summary tassel earrings

In addition to these occasions and combinations, if you want to have some wild tassel earrings designs that can be used anywhere, check out our exclusive earrings category.

Want more tips on which earrings to wear? Keep following our blog.