What are the best gold plated earrings for engagement function?
September 23, 2021

gold plated earrings
The wave of accessories repetition is not new. We’ve already seen fashions conquer the wrists of market, the mix of chockers and necklaces on necks and now it’s time for the mix of rings! The minimalist aesthetic takes over the accessories, mainly in the hoop shape.

Creating your mix with gold plated earrings!

Here we will teach her how to create a mix of rings with several in the same look – for all styles – without getting over the top. Come and see:

Ring Mix – Sofie Claret

The mix of rings with a drop-shaped ring – with the thinnest ends and the fattest base are preferred by the most classic gold plated earrings. They look great with turtlenecks and even more so with other thinner rings.

If you already have several holes in your ears – including piercing – and want to make your look super refreshed and cool, invest in a mix of golden rings and use them with a little space between them. The look is super minimalist as well as chic.

Why do girls love gold plated earrings?

Girls who love to wear earrings with pendants and rings with crystal details need not be left out of this trend. Bet on gold and mix with other formats. It is very fun and enjoyment!

The almost the same size looks very chic when used in a hoop mix. They give gold plated earrings to that more basic and fresh look.

Who says you don’t mix silver with gold?

We already know that this little rule no longer exists among models. Thus, the cool thing is to mix several types of rings – even more those that are unpaired and you don’t know how to use them. Okay, give them a new use!

The gold plated earrings are super different and are popular among the most daring girls. In addition, it is possible to mix them with pieces of other shapes and sizes, as well as rings with stones and balls.

The more daring ones love to mix several rings of the same size. The punk mood comes in lightly if you choose the finest and most golden models.

Earrings are transforming the Fashion Trends

True protagonists in the world of accessories, earrings are responsible for transforming the most basic gold plated earrings looks into stylish productions! There are a multitude of models that vary according to the occasion and the main trends of the season, but earrings with stone are present in all seasons.

That’s why today we’ve selected some models that you should have in stock for different styles of customers. Check out:

Drop gold plated earrings

gold plated earrings 2021

The drop shape is one of the most versatile earrings with stone to offer consumers, as this model combines very well with simple productions, even the most sophisticated ones. The tip is to invest in the diversity of materials such as rhodium, black rhodium, zirconia and crystals.

Delicate earrings


Earrings with delicate stone are a must! In addition to being a 2021 trend, they are classic pieces that can appear in different ways: as a pebble in the ear, as the famous light points or even as a delicate pendant.

Pearl earrings         

Gold plated earrings with pearl stone are essential items because they match all styles and productions. Invest in a variety of sizes to be successful in sales.

Heart-shaped gold plated earrings

Rhodium zirconia heart semi-jewels are one of the most elegant models of stone earrings. The secret is to have color options: black rhodium, yellow and white rhodium.

When putting together the look, do you consider jewelry and accessories? We hope so, after all, these pieces have the power to enhance even the most basic looks, guaranteeing a personal touch and the charm that was lacking for a killer production.

Best for Casual Engagement

Whether for work or for a more casual engagement, the truth is that gold plated earrings should be your faithful companion, even when the rush of daily life doesn’t allow you to think about all the details of the look.

Therefore, in the post we present 5 accessories to enhance the look. After all, they are essential pieces that make up devastating productions full of personality. Come on?

Indispensable accessories to create devastating looks

Pearl accessories

You can’t deny that pearl accessories are a classic, right? In addition to all the versatility for the look, it’s a trend that never goes out of style.

Gold plated earrings have the power to transform any look, with the difference of presenting a different meaning for each production and/or combination. Looks with pearls can symbolize elegance and sophistication, but they also permeate very well in beauty and femininity.

Here on our blog we’ve already talked about the pearl trend and you can be even more inspired by the accessories.

Furthermore, on our website you will find a wide variety of pearl jewelry for all tastes, styles and occasions.

The most sought after jewelry with pearls to enhance looks are:

  • pearl rings
  • Chokers and Pearl Necklaces
  • pearl bracelets


The ring strengthens as an accessory to perfect any look year after year. Along with the trend of rings, they also accompany new details for each type of person and style.

Like pearls, rings are also very versatile pieces and are always being updated. Nowadays, in addition to the traditional plain and/or diamond rings, it is also possible to find options with stones, metals and even pendants.

Another positive point of the gold plated earrings to enhance the look is the fact that the piece allows for infinite compositions, including the possibility of wearing a ring on all fingers! Without a doubt, this is a very creative way to modernize the look and guarantee personality, right?

Gold plated earrings sets

To enhance the look, nothing better than a combination of the chain and earrings! It is the perfect combination to guarantee harmony with any look.

In addition to being beautiful and delicate, the gold plated earrings sets are also very versatile. The pieces can be used together or separately, according to your style and the look you choose.

Another interesting point is the possibility of using it in composition with other silver accessories or with the pearls themselves, as we saw in this post.


Also worth mentioning are the opportunities for use, such as sets with zirconia stones, for example, perfect for more formal and solemn occasions, combining with sophisticated looks, such as at a wedding or graduation. But don’t worry; we also have models with zirconia for everyday use in casual situations.