What are the best gold earrings to gift your mother marriage anniversary?
September 21, 2021

Earrings for Girls by Age

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Gold earrings for girls are a favorite choice of many people. But for babies who are too young to be sensitive, the choice is also very careful. So in the process of choosing, what do we need to pay attention to? Read the following article to have the best earring shopping experience for your baby!

Gold earrings for babies

At the end of the month, girls are often bought earrings by grandparents, parents or relatives. However, the newborn baby’s skin at this time is relatively sensitive, if chosen inappropriately; it will easily cause skin allergies.

To avoid those cases, choose gold earrings for babies with few details and patterns, the simpler the less dirt and dust during use. Not to mention if too many details will also easily cause allergies and scratch the baby’s skin.

Children under 2 years old should not be too picky

Up to this point, children are still not aware of their activities. Therefore, gold earrings for children should not be picky. The needs and desires of the baby have not yet developed complicatedly, so the jewelry worn on the body is just a toy for the baby.

Children from 2 to 5 years old should choose according to their liking

At this time, children have begun to be aware of their behavior and thoughts, so they also know what beauty is. So if you have a choice, for example, 18k gold earrings for children let your child decide. The patterns you choose may not match your baby’s wishes.

Letting your child choose according to his or her own preferences is the first step in helping him speak and act on his thoughts. However, also limit the cumbersome, because children are easily spoiled or lost jewelry.

Gold earrings for girls by age 3

Children from 6 to 12 years old know how to take care of jewelry

From the age of 6, children have acquired the first sense of preserving jewelry. This makes it easy for parents to give their children custody of the donated items. Children will learn to be independent, form their own habits and actions.

Besides, at this age, girls have more choices because their skin is no longer sensitive and can also choose from many products such as gold earrings for children.

The secret to choosing gold earrings gifts for mom

The heart of each child always wants to show love and filial piety to his parents. Especially when it comes to expressing love to your mother. So on every special occasion, look for a valuable item like jewelry to give your mother to create unexpected joy. Let’s consult with APJ for tips on choosing the most suitable jewelry for mom.

Criteria for choosing jewelry gifts for mom

Material, type of jewelry

Elderly people often like to wear pearls; this is a simple but luxurious type of jewelry. If you can afford, choose styles that combine pearls with other precious metals and gems such as gold earrings, white gold or diamonds.

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If your budget is limited, you can completely replace it with a pearl product that comes with gold studded with CZ stones. Choosing the right material and stone will help you have a much more meaningful gift.

Gem color for gold earrings

Overly colored stones such as yellow (yellow quartz), red (ruby), green (emerald), blue (sapphire) are suitable for younger people.

Of course, this also depends on the color preferences of each person. To be sure, you should poll people first to be able to choose the right jewelry. Besides, when choosing gold earrings, you also need to pay attention to issues to bring luck to your mother!

Jewelry design and styling

In addition to traditional designs or simple pearl chains, on the market today, there are many youthful and diverse designs that still retain a luxurious and aristocratic look to suit middle-aged people. As long as you put some thought and interest in researching your mother’s preferences, it’s not difficult for us to find a satisfactory piece of jewelry.

Price and quality of gold earrings

Price is also a factor many people care about. To be able to choose for yourself a reliable gold earrings buying address at a reasonable price, commensurate with the quality of the product is not easy. You should learn information from many sources such as social networks, forums to make the most informed choice.

Jewelry sets for mom can’t be ignored

The gift of jewelry not only respects the aristocratic and elegant beauty, helps the mother to be more confident, shows the gentle and traditional beauty of Asian women, … Each piece of jewelry is also a message. Good health and peace to your mother.

Round gold earrings

Despite being born a long time ago, round earrings promise to be one of the favorite earring models in 2021. If you like a feminine, gentle style or personality and dynamism, you can mix and match the same model.

Round gold earrings when worn will create a much rounder face. So, this is the perfect choice for girls with long faces. However, if you have a slightly chubby round face, you should avoid these earrings.

Earrings with rhinestones

One of the beautiful earrings for women must be mentioned earrings with stones. Earrings are studded with small sparkling stones and have a luxurious design for ladies when going to the party. In addition, the stone earrings with simple design are also the choice for office girls, going to school or going out.

Classic style earrings

One of the beautiful earrings in 2021 must include the classic style gold earrings. Unique design, personality with earring patterns such as feathers, tassels bring lightness, flight but still retain their own personality that is loved by young people, so there are many brands of fashion accessories.

Clip earrings

This is a type of earring that does not need to be pierced. Fashionable, designs from gentle, feminine to unique – strange personality are always chosen by fashionistas. This earring is made from many materials, so you should consult before wearing, to avoid allergies if your skin is sensitive.

Thin wire earrings

Beautiful gold earrings with long thin thread will bring elegance and lightness to your girlfriend when wearing. In particular, when the earrings are made from sparkling materials, it will help your face stand out more.