How to choose right customize luxury earrings in 2022?

customize luxury earrings
Colored customize luxury earrings are a big trend and are successful all over the world. However, some women still feel a little afraid when using this type of accessory, as it becomes a standout in the look and draws more attention.

But keep in mind that, knowing how to combine it, it is possible to assemble stylish productions for different occasions. Follow our post and see 4 great reasons for you to bet on colorful earrings without fear of making a mistake. Check out!

1. Customize luxury earrings: Combine with summer and brighten the look

Summer calls for more fun productions, so colored earrings are the most suitable accessories. Plus, they’re great options for getting out of the everyday basics, whether for work or sightseeing.

As summer looks have lighter pieces, colored earrings can add to the look, enhancing a simpler and more neutral outfit. They can be small in geometric shape or large with colored crystals, for example.

2. Give a fashion touch to the look

Colorful earrings can transform your look.

For example, if you have to wear eyeglasses or don’t do without sunglasses, it’s easy to harmonize this accessory with the colored customize luxury earrings. A tip is to always opt for frame colors that share a common tone with your earrings. This combination is fashionable and cool!

Another option for wearing the earrings with style is to tie your hair. It is possible to make more laid-back buns or “half-pinned” hairstyles, which make the accessory the biggest highlight of the look.

3. Customize luxury earrings are great options for special events

And who doesn’t like a very elegant production for parties and special occasions? The colored earrings go very well with more chic and luxurious looks. However, they should always be harmonized with the colors of your clothing and other accessories.

If your look already has very strong colors, choose an earring of only one color. Now if your outfit is black, white, nude or another neutral shade, invest in earrings with colored stones without thinking twice!

4. They are available in a variety of colors.

Nowadays it is possible to find earrings in different colors, which meet all styles and visual proposals.

For summer, bright colors are the most popular, with an emphasis on the different shades of green, blue and pink. In winter, neutral colors and darker tones are chosen to complement the looks, such as burgundy, nude, dark blue or brown.

How to choose right customize luxury earrings?

With these tips, you won’t go wrong when wearing colorful earrings on several occasions, creating very stylish and sophisticated productions.

But remember: the ideal is to invest in pieces that have to do with you, whether they are more modern, classic or simple, adapting the trend to your way of dressing.

Earrings are the most common accessories in women’s daily lives, and are essential in any look, from the most casual to the most elaborate. But, if you have short hair, you are probably already in doubt about the choice of pieces.

In this post, we’ve put together tips on how to choose customize luxury earrings for short hair, and you’ll be surprised to find that this type of cut goes with everything — so just keep an eye out for a few details.

The main care you should take when choosing earrings is to know which style you most identify with. Check it out:

Small earrings ensure a delicate look

customize luxury earrings 2022

For a delicate production, opt for smaller earrings, which are close to the earlobe, as they leave a feminine and charming look. Furthermore, these accessories are highlighted with the short hair length.

Bet on light dot earrings or small rings. Earrings with some stones are also a good choice. But be aware: depending on the rest of the look, small and very delicate earrings can leave your childish look.

Big earrings also go with short hair

If you are daring or want a flashier look, invest in big customize luxury earrings. This type of accessory is highlighted when contrasting with short hair, making the production very stylish.

There are several models of large earrings with different colors and shapes. Bet on those with gemstones, which can be in more striking or neutral colors.

A large earring lifts the look and ensures a sophisticated look for any occasion. However, it is worth mentioning: in order not to overload the look, do not use necklaces when wearing large earrings.

The classic customize luxury earrings are always in fashion

Women adept at a classic style like more elegant and refined pieces. If you are one of them, invest in earrings with an elaborate design or timeless models such as earrings with pearls and hoops.


These traditional pieces are gaining more and more variations. At JK online store, for example, you can find several options for classic earrings. Just choose the one that best suits your taste, and you’ll have an elegant and powerful look!

Alternative looks are increasingly present

Some women prefer to get away from the traditional and wear different pieces. If you fit that profile and like an alternative look and rock and roll, black rhodium earrings are the best option. You can choose from the most diverse sizes and formats, however, try to balance it with the rest of the look, so as not to exaggerate and weigh the look too much.

If you prefer a more boho style, opt for earrings with a more hippie feel. Fringed earrings are a great choice, and will look great with your short hair.

After knowing these tips, choosing customize luxury earrings for short hair is much easier, isn’t it? Now you know: short hair doesn’t just go with small earrings. Its short threads further enhance the beauty of the accessories, which brighten and highlight your face.


Well, factory doesn’t deal in retail. It’s not the same as arriving at a store counter and ordering a single item. Things just aren’t like that. There is production costs involved.

Besides, it is necessary to guarantee the maintenance of our expensive middleman, correct?

Therefore, most likely you will be forced to purchase lots of products. Let’s say a minimum quantity of each model. Let’s suppose, ten units of one type of earring, ten of another…


How to celebrate New Year with customize silver earrings?

customize silver earrings
Minimalism has become a trend: it’s making headway and taking up space in the closets of the most connected customize silver earrings. Delicate and discreet, but no less wonderful and shiny than other accessories, silver jewelry with a subtle and sophisticated design are the bets to compose the looks of trends for next summer.


With several pieces combined, the popular mix of minimalist jewelry won the hearts of women and is already strongly present in the streets, clubs, and beaches and in social networks and circles.

 But, after all, how to recognize the style of minimalist jewelry?

The minimalist design is part of a lifestyle that, essentially, values ​​a clean look. Although not something new, it is considered the face of modernity and versatility. In jewelry, especially those made in silver, it translates in a fine and delicate way, which is ideal for composing classic looks.

An interesting point about the minimalist style is the “less is more” rule. And this is not only true for the subtlety of customize silver earrings, but it also has to do with the idea of ​​not consuming too much. In other words, those who live this lifestyle value items that last for years, that have a lot of quality and that can be transformed over time.

Why JK Jewelry customize silver earrings?

Well, when it comes to “crossing generations”, Jk Jewelry is a specialist. In addition to having a lifetime warranty, all minimalist silver jewelry sold both in the physical store and online, reaches customers with the highest standards in the Brazilian market.

Minimalist silver earrings

The minimalist earrings are discrete parts, leaving your hands soft and clean looks. There is usually a detail that catches the eye, but without exaggeration.

In this version, the transparent zirconia is responsible for giving the shine.

  • silver ring with zirconia only silver
  • Here, the silver design itself is the protagonist.
  • beautiful minimalist ring only silver
  • This beautiful minimalist ring, on the other hand, has a hollow design and details in blue zirconia.
  • silver ring with blue zirconia only silver

You can also bring this delicacy to your customize silver earrings.


Talking ring or silver toe

And if you want to celebrate love with a minimalist silver wedding band, this kit is an excellent choice.

Minimalist silver chains, earrings and necklaces

Definitely any neck looks incredibly beautiful with a silver jewelry. However, the elegance provided by minimalist options is indisputable.

  • The organic, flowing shapes are pure style and this choker is proof.
  • Silver choker with beautiful organic shape
  • Small medals, in a beautifully refined piece
  • choker only silver with medals

How about trying a mix of silver chains and earrings?

If you like this charming trend, you need to assemble your mix according to your preferences. In a simpler look, a little too much of the accessories is no sin.

A mix like this, combining chains, chokers and pendants, is able to completely transform the look, bringing much more style to the composition.

Beautiful mix of necklaces only silver

Minimalist customize silver earrings: here it’s worth wearing just one or making that perfect “match”

customize silver earrings 2022

Earrings have been the focus among accessories, especially when it comes to making a combination of several of them. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the guts to pierce your ears; the pressure versions prove that fashion can be very democratic and inclusive.

The ear cuff trend and ear earrings have been stealing the show, and in the more discreet versions they become an icon of elegance.

Celebrate New year with customize silver earrings

The end of the year is a time to celebrate, fraternize and also give gifts. Whether it’s a gift for a secret friend or a Christmas present, it’s always a joy to please those we admire.

For some people, choosing the right customize silver earrings can be a big challenge. But don’t worry; we’ve prepared a super selection of gift tips for this year’s end.

Check out this special selection so you don’t make a mistake.

1. Silver Tree Of Life Ring

This can be a great Christmas gift tip for that super special person. This is because the Tree of Life carries with it an enormous symbolism, related to fertility and eternity, as trees spread their seeds, continuing the evolution and cycle of life. Beautiful isn’t it?



2. Silver Stars customize silver earrings

Giving silver jewelry is no mistake; these pieces offer quality and elegance to match any style. The Silver Stars choker is a delicate and versatile jewelry; it can be the perfect gift for that secret friend from work you know little about.

  1. Wrought Silver Ring

Tell me, which woman is not in love with hoop earrings? This piece is even more special, with worked, hollowed out and aged details. A gift of great elegance and good taste, whoever wins it will know that you understand style and refinement.

4. Greek Eye Silver Bracelet

And to bring good energy to 2022, how about giving this beautiful Silver customize silver earrings? Here is an ideal gift to start the year off on the right foot.

5. Silver Memories Bracelet

This gift tip is awesome, as this accessory is 100% customizable. You can assemble it with any trinkets you want, making your gift even more exclusive and special. A suggestion to choose the charms of the bracelet that you will be giving away is to choose the ones that tell a little of the person’s story.

  1. Silver Scapular

This jewelry is very special, because according to religious tradition, you should receive it as a gift and not buy it. Gifting a scapular demonstrates that you have great affection for the person.

This was our special selection with the best gift tips for the holiday season.


Want to celebrate your special friendships? The customize silver earrings in the form of people can perpetuate these friendships. It is also possible to take a photo of the person you love with you, inside a beautiful personalized trinket. A symbol of greater love for mothers, children also have a guaranteed space on the charm bracelet.


Where to buy customize rhinestone earrings?

customize rhinestone earrings
Accessories are essential to give the look a charm. No matter how simple the clothes customize rhinestone earrings can make your look more modern, cool, and classic or refined.

And believe me, there are even earrings to wear and enhance each type of hair: short, medium and long can be even more charming with the correct jewelry. Both the haircut and the accessories reflect your personality.


However, they can be adapted to make a more harmonious look. In this post, we’ll find out which earrings to wear with the length of your hair.

Where to buy customize rhinestone earrings?

Oh, don’t forget that JK has thousands of customize rhinestone earrings models to wear at work, at parties, in everyday life, or at any time, and with all kinds of looks. Visit the online store and discover the jewelry.

Earrings to wear with every hair type

As we said before, there is no rule, but there is an ideal type of earring for each hair length, whatever it is. After all, each hair size allows for different styles and jewelry that will stand out, to add more charm. Want to see it?

Short hair

There are those who think that the very short cut does not allow for many nuances. On the contrary: you can have a more cool style, like the singers Robyn, Katy Perry and Karol Conká, or more classic, like Anne Hathaway, Janelle Monae and Ruth Neoga.

Medium hair

The medium size allows for a wide variety of cuts, as it is not as heavy as the long one, but it has a length that allows the hairdresser to work it in different ways. Want to get inspired? See the cuts by Camilla Quiroz, Sharon Menezes and Ciara.

Long hair

Long hair is the dream of many women and, although it doesn’t look like it, it’s more practical to disguise rebellious strands. It allows for countless hairstyles and of course, it doesn’t just need to have that straight cut. Get inspired by the famous Tanis Arturo, Zendaya and Jasmine Brunet.

Now let’s get to know the ideal customize rhinestone earrings designs to wear with each hair size!

customize rhinestone earrings 2022

Earrings to wear with long hair

If you are a fan of the Rapunzel style, you know how amazing it looks with huge customize rhinestone earrings! They can make the look a little heavy, but at the same time they elongate the neck and don’t hide in the middle of the hair.

Leave that small model for when you’re wearing a braid or bun. The trick is not to abuse pieces with huge and very colorful gemstones.

Medium or long models are ideal choices. But if you like something more colorful, check out the silver garnet and zirconia earring from Only Silver. Despite being all covered with stones, they are all small, only the garnet type is colored.

Earrings to wear with every hair type

However, if you like a sexier look, rings are perfect. Smooth, they are eye-catching but without polluting the look. Jk medium-sized hoop model closes on itself, so there’s no risk of getting tangled up in your hair. Want another suggestion for a pair of earrings that go great with long hair? Check the model with lapis lazuli.

Customize rhinestone earrings to wear with medium hair

Medium hair allows for a greater range of earrings. After all, the threads are shorter they don’t tend to “fight” with bigger accessories. Also, it helps to stretch the face. If you want to use your cut to put on a more powerful earring, we have some tips:


Wear a powerful customize rhinestone earrings in just one ear (in this case, hair should be at the back) and leave the other with a small model or no earring (hair should cover it); in this option, you can take a chance on the JK earrings, for example, cat ear cuff, beautiful!

Comb your hair back and apply gel, its super modern and bold.

Earrings to wear with every hair type

Two powerful models for medium hair are the silver earring with links and the peacock model with zirconia.

Earrings to wear with short hair

Short hair is even more versatile. As your face will be in evidence, you only need to worry about which accessory suits your personality the best. Even the most voluminous cuts don’t usually cover the earrings, as the volume tends to be up.

But if you wear a short channel, you can use a cut that covers the ear and leaves part of the earring showing just below the volume.

If you chose something more classic, the ideal is an accessory that is also classic and discreet. But if you are a fan of trendy short and even designs, choose more different earrings, with geometric details.

Earrings to wear with every hair type

For use in more discreet environments, check out the silver ruby ​​model. But if you like bigger and longer accessories, the silver zirconia earring is amazing!

Other types of earrings to wear on all occasions

The ear cuffs are earrings to wear at any time and with any kind of hair! For medium or long strands, the ideal is to use them tied or combed back and finished with gel. The fun here is that the attention of the look stays on the customize rhinestone earrings.

Customize rhinestone earrings to wear with every hair type

You can wear the ear cuff on both ears and just one ear, combining it with another earring. At JK you will find amazing models, such as the pressure ear cuff with leaf and treble clef designs, and also with zirconia.

The must-have gem

See how it is possible to use earrings to harmonize with your hair and make your look even more charming? Remember that JK has thousands of earrings to wear on different occasions — and with all types of hair!

If you are a chameleon, who loves to play with the look of hair and accessories, visit our online store and discover customize rhinestone earrings models that will guarantee your style, whatever it is!


How to assemble your trinket customize crystal earrings?

customize crystal earrings
Elegant and loaded with affective charge, customize crystal earrings are capable of taking the wearer on a sweet journey down the road of memory. Small silver earrings can perpetuate special moments and, thus, an unforgettable party, a new romance or a special friendship are forever marked in small symbols that you can take wherever you go.

How to assemble your trinket earrings?

Customizable earrings allow you to express your hobbies, personal tastes and even record a person’s story. Jewelry with silver earrings is sophisticated and capable of transforming even a simpler look into something striking.

The first step in putting together your personalized earrings is to select a model that matches your style. For a perfect fit, the chosen piece should be a little bigger than your wrist, so that it doesn’t get tight as you add the earrings.

Extra tip: JK’s earrings have safety clasps, essential to prevent them from opening and earrings from coming loose.

Jewelry for all styles

Each person has their own style and moments in their life that left some special memory. There are thousands of models of customize crystal earrings, made to adapt to all these styles and moments. JK has from neutral earrings, perfect to match those who prefer a more classic style, to simple earrings that fit well with people who have a more striking style.

For that person who enjoys the Geek universe, how about inserting a fun charm on your earrings that reminds you of a character from a special movie? As for the clubbers on duty, there’s no missing that trinket of drinks and music.

If your style is more rocker, your earrings will look great if paired with chains and a mix of guitars, musical notes and that trinket that reminds you of your favorite band!

Want to know the trinket options that match your style? Read on! customize crystal earrings: Endless Possibilities It’s possible to find a trinket for every moment of your life: To Remember That Favorite Character

Customize crystal earrings Characters

Ideal to keep forever that unforgettable character, who is part of your story and everyone claims to be your face. You’re sure to hear the sweet sounds of tinkling brass as you go for a walk and remember that you’re in the company of a variety of unique characters.

Do you love animals and want to have your kitten with you all the time? Or maybe you like elephants, a symbol that represents good luck in many cultures? A doggie trinket is a good option to celebrate a new friendship.

To fall in love with customize crystal earrings

Heart earrings are the favorites of those who have the most romantic style and who want to celebrate a love that makes your heart beat faster.

A variety of fun symbols

If being eclectic is essential for you and your greatest joy is in creating unique pieces, customize crystal earrings with varied themes are the ideal choice for you.

Your jewelry will look beautiful and full of personality. Want a trinket that represents a change? A key is a theme that represents knowledge, curiosity and a new beginning. Already the flowers are preferred earrings women, whatever their age and represent love, new beginnings and hope.


Do you love sports or want to perpetuate a victory in that bike competition with friends? Sports-themed earrings are capable of making these records even more special.

Who is Mystic for?

The mystical customize crystal earrings are the best choice for those who do not fail to check the horoscope before leaving home and is always tuned to the movement of the stars. Another mystical theme, the North Star was used as a guide by sailors.

And so a silver charm with this symbol radiates protection, guidance, safety and luck. It can also be a reminder of a long journey or a safe return.

To remember that special person

Want to celebrate your special friendships? The earrings in the form of people can perpetuate these friendships. It is also possible to take a photo of the person you love with you, inside a beautiful personalized trinket.

Customize crystal earrings are symbol of greater love for mothers, children also have a guaranteed space on the charm earrings. There are a variety of models of these children’s earrings that fit your style. You can choose from the simplest to models with zirconia stones.

Beautiful Professions Themed Jewelry

Just entered university? Or do you want to mark the career you love forever? A trinket with your profession is ideal to celebrate this moment.

Taking religion with you

For those who are religious, wings or gratitude are a trinket option that might please. Another option is angels, guardian spirits responsible for bringing messages from heaven to earth. Religious earrings symbolize love and spirituality. Using a religious theme will make you feel well cared for at all times in your life.

Travel customize crystal earrings

Make an unforgettable trip eternal with earrings from China, Rome or New York, the best way to always remember an unforgettable day. You may also prefer to carry your passport with you, which covers all the trips you have already taken or are about to take.

Extra tip: The only silver shop has more than 600 trinket models for you to customize your earrings. The limit is your imagination. Whichever look you choose, silver trinket earrings allows you to collect special moments and remember at all times everything that is important to you.

customize crystal earrings 2022

Jewelry for all styles

Each person has their own style and moments in their life that left some special memory. There are thousands of models of trinkets, made to adapt to all these styles and moments.


JK has customize crystal earrings, perfect to match those who prefer a more classic style, to simple trinkets that fit well with people who have a more striking style. For that person who enjoys the Geek universe, how about inserting a fun charm on your earrings that reminds you of a character from a special movie?

As for the clubbers on duty, there’s no missing that trinket of drinks and music. If your style is more rocker, your earrings will look great if paired with chains and a mix of guitars, musical notes and that trinket that reminds you of your favorite band!