A Guide to Choosing Couple Rings
August 31, 2021

No matter the time or place, even the global pandemic cannot stop the season of love. With love comes the little things that lovers cherish, and one of those things is couple rings. Couple rings can signify a promise or simply love itself; their other name is promise rings as well. These rings are very intimate and meaningful. They hold significant importance to the ones who wear them. If you are also experiencing the season of love, and you are looking for beautiful couple rings for yourself and your significant other, you are at the right place. In this article, we will guide you to choosing the right couple rings for you.

couple rings

A Guide to  Couple Rings

Couple rings, also known as promise rings, are not engagement rings or wedding rings. These are matching rings and they hold unique importance in every couple’s lives. When couple rings are exchanged or given, they are a declaration of love, they signify that what the couple has is more than just a passing fling. It is a sign of love and a sign that the couple is entering into a serious relationship, at the further end of which might be their happy ever after. Therefore, couple rings hold special importance in the hearts of those who buy and wear them. Couple rings work great when you are physically separated by your significant other, wearing them will remind you of the love and the promise between you two.

On which finger should the couple rings be worn?

Many people might question this; which finger do we wear couple rings? Well, there is no rule! The couple rings can be worn on any finger of any hand. Therefore, you can wear them on whichever finger you desire. Often time’s people wear their couple rings in a chain as a necklace.

When or how should you exchange the rings?

There really is no hard and fast rule for this. You do not need to prepare a special proposal, get down on one knee, and then present the ring. This is not an engagement ring! You are giving rings, you can give it as a birthday present. You do not even need to give them on a special occasion, you can give them at any time you want to. Many people exchange couple rings when they confess their love or when they realize they want to live the rest of their lives with each other forever.

Things to Consider

By now you know how much couple rings hold importance to a couple. You need to choose the perfect rings. Choose the rings wisely, because these are going to be worn a lot. The couple will wear it every day; they will show it off to family and friends, so it has to be special. Below are some helpful guidelines to help you choose the right rings.

Placement of the couple ring

As you know that rings are worn throughout the day and every day, they need to be of a comfortable design. The first thing to consider is on which finger are you going to wear your couple ring. As you know, there is no rule in wearing a couple of ring, so you can choose on whichever finger you feel comfortable.

Choose your preferred style/design

This is the most important step. You need to figure out what style of rings you want, choose, or custom design your rings. Often time’s people go with a design with a heart in it; however, there are countless beautiful designs available. You can choose from already their rings or you can custom design your rings and give your design to the companies that make rings. When it comes to the design of the ring, you should consult with your partner to buy rings both of you like.

Choose the metal

This is the second most important step. Different people prefer different metals. Many people choose the metal that compliments their skin. It can be a personal preference. There are many different types of metals in which rings are manufactured in the market, some of them include, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Now do not think that you have to buy a very expensive metal ring, you can buy whichever metal is affordable to you. Remember these are promise rings, not engagement or wedding rings. Focus on the elegant style that you and your partner prefer.

Choose the stone

Most couples go with the ring designs with a stone fitted in them. This is because the sparkly stone enhances the beauty of the ring and makes it much more prominent and shiny. Who wouldn’t love a couple ring that stands out and is stunning? However, if you do not want to have stone-fitted rings then skip this step.

It is not compulsory to have a stone fitted ring; as we said, there are no rules when it comes to rings. However, if you do wish to choose stone-fitted couple rings then decide the type, size, and number of the stone beforehand. Even though diamond is the first stone that comes to mind when we think of rings, there are many other affordable options too. Other than diamond, you can also go for ruby, gemstone, crystals, or any other beautiful stone. You will need to do some research!


Finally, yet importantly, we have ring setting.  The setting of the rings is crucial, as this will show the harmony between the two rings. The couple rings should look like each other’s other half. If someone looks at the ring of your partner and you, they should be able to tell that these are matching rings and that they are a set.

Couple rings are special, they carry a promise of love and a promise of forever in them amongst countless other promises between two lovers. Couple rings should be chosen thoughtfully. Hope this little guide helps you in any way. If you want to buy couple rings or if you want to have your own custom designed couple rings then check our website.