18K Gold Rings: How to Get a Gold Ring
August 27, 2021

18K Gold Rings: Getting a Gold Ring

Are you searching for the best engagement rings? There are different types of rings available in different karats, colors, and settings, etc. 18k gold rings are among the most popular choices for engagements as well as for other occasions. In a quest for the best ring, you will also find out that most ring settings are there in an array of precious metals. Gold is, without any doubt, known as the most popular metal when it comes to wedding and engagement rings. How pure the gold is impacts the durability and value of the ring. In this guide, we will take a look at 18 karat gold rings and things you must know before you purchase one. We will also help you know how you can get a perfect gold ring.

18k gold rings

What are 18k Gold Rings?

To measure gold, we use a grading system known as ‘karat’. This grading system identifies the purity of the gold. A 100% pure gold needs to be 24 karat, which is the highest number in the karat (k) grading system. 14k and 18k gold rings are the lower karat rings consisting of other metals and alloys. However, the inclusion of such metals adds to the durability of the gold. 18 karat gold holds 25% other metals and 75% gold. The purest gold in the metal means the softest metal. Therefore, 24 karat gold is extremely soft and is susceptible to dents and scratches.

Unfortunately, 18 karat gold is also prone to dents and scratches because of its higher level of gold purity. 18 karat gold rings are the perfect option for special occasions. If you are looking for routine wear, you should opt for a 14 karat gold ring because they are the strongest.

Available 18K Gold Colors

The first thing you need to consider when looking for an 18 karat gold ring is the gold color. 18 karat gold is available in different colors, such as rose, white, and yellow. The main difference between all three gold colors is the combination of pure gold with other metals. Apart from that, 18 karat gold rings are a great option as engagement rings. All three colors of 18k gold are so beautiful. Let’s take a quick look at the three colors to help you recognize the best color option as per your requirements.

18 Karat Yellow Gold

Yellow gold rings are getting popular among women once again with their appealing golden hue. 18 karat gold comprises more gold than 10 karats or 14 karats, making the gold richer and brighter in appearance. The yellow color gold is typically the combination of nickel, copper, and pure gold for a warm look. It is known as the only natural gold color and is also the purest gold of rose, yellow, and white gold.

18 Karat White Gold

It is the most common metal color people choose for engagements. Its appealing silvery appearance makes it a top choice for engagements. It is a combination of metals, like nickel, palladium, and silver. Some white gold rings may also have a rhodium coating. This gold color is rising in popularity in recent times.

18 Karat Rose Gold

It is the latest kind of gold among the three gold colors in the market. Its trend is not going down soon at all. The combination of copper and silver alloys offers an elegant pink color look to the rose gold rings. The best thing about rose gold 18k gold rings is that they look elegant in every setting, from vintage to classic.

Why Choose 18 Karat Gold?

18 karat gold is popular not only among brides but also for grooms. The purity of the 18 karat gold is the primary advantage of buying it. Due to its purity, it comes with a more vibrant, richer color. The percentage of the 18 karat gold also has fewer chances of triggering skin reactions or conditions. For those who are allergic to metal, 18 karat gold is known as the most suitable option. Therefore, it is a safer option than the other available options for those with allergy issues. If you are one of those people, you should choose this option.

18 Karat Gold Durability

Gold is available in different purity levels, such as 14 karats, 18 karats, and 24 karats. This karat (k) is not similar to diamond carats because carat represents the diamond’s weight.  As we discussed above, higher ratings of karat include the purest gold against other metals mixed to manufacture the gold allow. A higher percentage of gold means more value and is more desirable. However, it also holds one drawback. The downside is that the higher karat is always less durable. Due to this, jewelry makers do not consider 18k and 24k much for routine wear jewelry.

18 Karat Gold Price

The price of 18k gold rings is higher because it contains more amount of gold than 10K and 14K gold. However, it costs less than 24K gold rings. If you are looking for a low price gold ring, you should consider 10 karats or 14 karats gold rings. You can also get a price idea of different 18 karat gold rings by going through different jewelry websites. Moreover, you can also ask for a free price quote from different sellers.

18k gold rings

Are There Any Disadvantages of 18 Karat Gold?

All metals come with unique advantages along with a few disadvantages. Therefore, you should expect some downsides of 18 karat gold also. The biggest downside of 18 karat gold is that it is softer and expensive than 10k and 14 k gold. Metals are not invincible. Even platinum requires TLC regularly. However, the high gold percentage makes it a little more susceptible to scratches and dents. It may also mean that there will be a need for more frequent cleaning and maintenance of the ring. Moreover, you will also have to use your ring carefully.

Generally, 18k gold rings are a beautiful and valuable option for occasions, such as engagements. You should opt for lower-grade rings if you are looking for a ring that you can wear on a daily basis. Click here for a range of 18 karat gold rings.